Rob's Graphic Designs


That's cool. I don't know much about the features of Photobucket, but I imagine they are a bit limited as it's a photo uploader. If you are looking for a no download website to make sigs on I would recommend If you need any help let me know ;-)

Mr. Walleye

Yay, he's wearing my sig! :)

I'll make an order.

Type: CoA
Size: 240x180
Theme: Walleyes
Picture: Find some good ones. Just search walleye.
Text: Walleye
Text 2: US41 EoDII

Mr. Walleye

If you're looking for something to do, I'll make another request so you can practice.

Type: Sig
Size: 573 x 117 (yes, I did just say that).
Theme: Steelhead (it's a type of fish, search "steelhead trout"
Picture: Find some good ones.
Text: Walleye
Text 2: