Revelation's War


Dang Paul you gonna let these dudes do you dirty like this!? Tisk... Tisk... Stop being nice to dudes haha, let alliances fall, and laugh as they fall begging for your help!!! Paul i believe you are a good leader, to be great, you need to let those alliances die and fall.... and dont merge with another alliance thats doing crappy, they will just bring you down.... just like they did..


Thanks Butler. And yeah, take a look at this map:

This is everyone we're up against and NO ONE can really touch us except through my players who are seldom active. And even those guys are giving our enemies a rough time lol.

Even yesterday, I had 8 attacks land on me within ONE minutes time (last wave had a CS), and I still was able to successfully snipe it. And these were mere 4 or less second windows too.

Idk why they like to keep wasting their resources and time but hey, if they want to I'll let them.