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Decided to get this started as no one else has.

In current ranking positions
1. Going Commando Float solid group, as long as they stay in their Ocean I think they will be around for awhile
2. Court of Owls Swim solid group as well, will probably head north into O44
3. Gun for Hire Sink far to spread out, have no core at all
4. Waters Float game winning good, super strong core with a lot of good players
5. 300 Sink Similar to #3 have people in all have oceans, have no core will be eaten
6. WARRIORS Swim for now, depends on how they deal being in the some ocean as GC
7. Vikings Swim good core in O44, interested to see what happens between them and Court
8. Pondweed Sink Food for whoever takes it first in O55
9. Chum Bucketz Float Sister of waters so they will stick around
10. Diamond Scheme Sink who are these guys?
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Golden girls def gonna win it all. everyone in that group solid. rest havent dropped yet
you have sid and josh.... both are unstable and dont know how this game works. you won a world against sims. good job! other than that... none joining or in that alliance has friends or actual good players. i will help OWLS just to rim those noobs tbh. "fight to get in" but none of you can fight lol