Hello we are a couple of experienced players coming onto this world to have some fun :) we have won worlds together and seperate, we are hoping to get a few more players that are active and HAVE SKYPE please we are really only looking for players with skype or social and active, with a couple exceptions. If you are interested in joining please post below, also add me on skype live: omir.g (no space)

About me:
My first world was on EN58 (myonia) it was a fun world joined late had no clue what i was doing. I played that world through then won a crown. After that i played a couple US servers not taking them really serious but i had some high achievments (Conquer of the day, Attacker of day etc) got to a couple hundred thousand points and had some fun. took a break for a couple months then came back on EN86 Carphi, and WW are coming up, and i am having fun taking cities :) i know what i am doing when it comes to leading as i have been founder before and we totally kicked a** with 7 members lol but thats about it also i am active and always able to help new players as i have alot of experience

More Details

Pacts: Not unless we know you.
We are playing to win this world.
If you are still under 3k points after 2 weeks lol your gonna get eaten

Joining requirements - looking fo experienced players but new players are also welcomed

Alliance Goal

Staying active, being active in defending/attacking take over one ocean at a time and climb the ranks to be number 1.

why should I join?

you should join if you want to be the most successful and efficient player you have ever been, while having fun. Also if you want to make someone mad, then apply.

Confirmed Roster:
Arne Thoralf
Very Caustic
Sir Dre 22
Main Killer
Dark Justice
Dark Huntress
Virginia warren
JuliusCeaser7 (maybe)
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