Rate your MRA!

Dux Vox

If you are or someone close to you has been in an MRA in Lindos please post and rate your experience!

Were looking for things like:

1. Quality of life (do/did your leaders care about you, were they responsive to your needs)
2. Experience (are/were the leaders/players above average experience? below average?)
3. Strategy (does/died the leadership have a solid grasp of the mechanics of the game? a plan of action for when begginer protection ends?)
4. Community (Were the people fun? was there a skype chat? would you recommend to others?)
5+ feel free to add anything you would like to talk about!

It's always hard to find the right MRA early in a world and this can help countless new players make the right choice.

Dux Vox

Lol unfortunately the selection of quality MRA's is limited. no one has even hit 100 member cap and already on the 2nd day! I think the lack of moral that attracted me has probably turned off some of the traditional MRA professionals.