Rate The Player Above You


Rate the player above you :D!

Points - ?/10
ABP - ?/10
DBP - ?/10
Alliance - ?/10
Position - ?/10

Overall = ?/50

My username is iantheFab :p
Points: 7/10 not bad, but can improve
ABP: 6/10 can improve on this
DBP: 8/10 considering its peacetime, not bad
Alliance: 7/10 small and elite but is also vulnerable
Position: 6/10 not bad but easily penetrable

Total 34/50 D+


Points: 2/10
ABP: 0/10
DBP: 1/10
Alliance: 1/10
Position: 2/10

Total: 6/50 F

Guessing you're not playing in this world anymore?


Points - -5/10
ABP - 0/10
DBP - 0/10
Alliance - -100000000000000/10, you alliance rip off fanboy
Position - 5/10

Overall = -100000000000000/50 F-


Points - Who cares?
ABP - Too soon to say, but will be very low.
DBP - Too soon to say, but will be very low.
Alliance - A bad joke (wanna-be bullies with no talent)
Position - Yer start at the start, you start in the middle.

Overall: A perman00b who spends more time on the forums than the game ;)

Possibly related to Stogus.

King David II

Points - 4/10
ABP - 4/10
DBP - 0/10
Alliance - 1/10
Position - 5/10

Overall = 14/50 slacker :p

Im Master Chief 64 ingame


Pts 10
Alliance 10
Position 10
Abp: 4/10
DBP: 6/10

Alliance: 5/10 decent parent alliance but academy counts against you
Position: 0/10 got bored scrolling down that far
Position: 10/10 In striking range :D
ABP: 0/10
DBP: .05/10

Total 15.05/50


Points - 8/10 fairly good points (I don't care much about points early on)
ABP - 9/10 great ABP for the amount of alliance members you have on your island
DBP - 6/10 decent since its only been 1 day of allowed attacks considering BP and Thanksgiving Ceasefire
Alliance - 6/10 Small but condensed.
Position - 7/10 Fairly good with a couple alliance members on the island and a few surrounding islands

Overall = 36/50


DBP - 6/10 decent since its only been 1 day of allowed attacks considering BP and Thanksgiving Ceasefire
we didnt even get that, most players on our island came out of BP between 2230 and 0130, so we only had a few we could hit. Managed to sneak the last one in with troop movement.. launched on him 2 seconds after he came out of BP, landed 40 seconds before ceasefire



Points - 9/10 - Really doesn't matter this early
ABP - 7/10 Could be better, but doesn't really matter since we only had 1 day :p
DBP - 7/10 Not to bad.
Alliance - 6/10 A bit spread out
Position - 10/10 Looks Good

Overall = 39/50

I am iantheFab ingame



Points - 7.5/10 - thisisgrepolis it always matters this early!

ABP -10/10- great! wow, I am almost surprised...
DBP -1/10- (claps slowly) I guess having 1 DBP is a good thing, you aren't getting attacked, maybe that can be changed :p
Alliance -7/10- good spacing, could have more points... but an overall acceptable alliance.

overall -25.5/40- CONGRATS!

IGN: XpertGreek ... other wise known as XpertNoob


Points: 9/10-Shouldn't you have another city at your point?
ABP: 10/10 Better than me, but then again, I suck at this game ;)
DBP: 10/10 Same as above
Alliance: 8/10 Is there ever a really original alliance name these days?
Position: 10/10 No wonder you have all that ABP
Overall: 37/40 Way better then me. Woot Woot!

IGN: Gageee

Bane of Zeus

Gageee, you didn't give him a 37/40, but a 47/50. LEARN MATH!

Points: 4/10 Lots of work to do, but It may become a worthy target for conquest next year
ABP: 1/10 only 92
DBP: 2/10 almost 200
Alliance: 5/10 Don't ask me, but seems like it has a few notables.
Position: 2/10 1 player over 2k points on the surrounding islands. Nobody seems very active there
Overall: 14/50
Rate Me! EMBARASS ME! PUT YOURSELF ON MY KILL LIST! (jk I don't have a kill list!... yet)


Points - 7/10 I dont care much for points, but they do matter.
ABP - 8/10 110 in attackers with nearby dw.
DBP - 4/10 #562 Mustve cleared out everyone huh?
Alliance - 8/10(Has a good group of experienced players but needs to improve for a solid 10.)
Position - 6/10 I think your not in the heart of 45 but ur near a good spot for fighting inactives.(Bit of a joke between alliancemates.)
Overall = 33/50 Does anyone actually get 50 on these things?
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