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Points: 7/10 - top 200
FBP: 5/10 - top 300
ABP: 7/10 - top 200
DBP: 2/10 - below top 500 but not 1000
Alliance: 5/10 - Spartacus top 10 alliance don't see it lasting long but hope it does.
Position: 2/10 - Rim

Total: 28/60







B.B.616 - Never met you in battle would like to some day either on the same side or against each other. Hope with your position you and your alliance can last and fight your way into the core. I gave you a 2 for position because other than were you are the only place worse would be to be in between POW and LOD and be at war with both of us. I know you had little choice in your location. We need some more alliances along the rim to build up and fight toward the core. Best of luck to you.

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Stim, I think you are being way to nice on that one. I don't agree at all with those scores.


Points: 6/10 - nice to be active.
FBP: 0/10 - bp from fighting easy inactive players
ABP: 0/10 - ^ same
DBP: 0/10 - ^ same ^
Alliance: 0/10 - Another one of Legions' puppet alliance.
Position: 10/10 - They actually have a great position to fight, Legions fighting other alliances on one front and they could easily fight Legions from the back. But are to scared!

Total: 16/60

More respect for the alliances/players who stood up to the biggest MRA LEGIONS to fight them. Even though some lost or are loosing.
The White Lobos, smaller alliance actually fighting the biggest enemy in Delphi!



Points: 8/10 - 30 in the world
FBP: 9/10 - Very good, 10 in the world
ABP: 9/10 - Again, 10 in the world
DBP: 8/10 - 13 in the world
Alliance: 10/10
Position: 8/10

Total: 42/50


You are more than entitled to your opinion delray, but lets get one thing straight.

I'm an alliance from us8. I am in no way a legion puppet. That is the only problem I have with your summary.

You should do your homework. I've never ran one op with any of the coalition. Period.


oo oo someone rate me but for cirrohsis
46/50 and some bonus points for the laughs


Nobody important :p

On to Grieves1
Points: 8/10 - 72 in the world
FBP: 9/10 - Nice Job
ABP: 9/10 - Took a few days off ;P
DBP: 9/10 - Again, no time to rest, play Grep!
Alliance: 10/10 no doubt!
Position: 9/10


Angel God:

Points: Top 100 (84 at time of posting) , pretty good- 8/10
FBP: Top 100 (77 at time of posting) 8/10
ABP: Top 100 (95 at time of posting) 7/10
DBP: Still Top 100 (60 at time of posting) 8/10
Alliance: WAR KINGS- Decent, up and coming, but still room for improvement (7 in points, 8 in ABP, 7 in DBP, 8 in FBP) 6/10
Decent- no major outliers (except maybe the city in 45), cities in 34 good for defense, 44 cities are close enough to a major front to get some decent abp, not too bad overall 7/10 (plus one for relocating an entire alliance, so 8/10)

Total: 46/60


for Fehr25

Okay above me is Fehr25 who was already rated. Let's check the retest...

Points: 8/10 - top 50

Nice city point average and all of them look functional so building points likely used for good specialization.

FBP: 7/10 - #49
ABP: 6/10 - #50
DBP: 7/10 - #42

Better than most, but the elite are putting up some big numbers so top 50 ain't what it used to be. Maybe I'm being harsh, but getting 8's, 9's and 10's in BP ratings are going to be hard to come by from me.

Alliance: 6/10 - Vegetables of War

Clearly proteins would devour them in a heads-up competition. To the victor go the spoils, and the freshly reaped too! They are a strong group, nonetheless; however their position outside the core makes them a plant on someone else's farm.

Position: 7/10 - approximate location:Inner Rim, NW quadrant

Better than his alliance as a whole but confined mainly to OC34, his best bet is to move east and south to gain access to core real estate right at the center of the action.

Total: 37/60, Above Average
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Drewshoe - 28/60

Points: 5/10 rank 78
FBP: 6/10 rank 29
ABP: 7/10 rank 18
DBP: 6/10 rank 48
Alliance: 3/10 (Pact 9 had the upper hand for a minute and will be around for some time. Combat between the Pacts is fun at the moment. Incognito's growth has slowed down a lot losing 20 cities in the last week for a total city gain of only 13)
Position 1/10

Drewshoe you started at the rim bad location caused you to loose 9 cities to LOD and friends, seems you were strong armed into joining the enemy, since then most of your cities have you have picked are moving you toward the front lines. Your last grab was a step back but not a bad pick up an inactive 10k city placed in between your rim cities and the ones more toward the front lines. if you continue to grow toward the front lines perhaps you could find a home in POW, BurbVision, Riot, Veggies, or WarKings, and once again fight those who striped you of your cities.

Blue POW ------- Red LoD ---------- Yellow DrewShoe

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oh boy sorry. im not good with screenshots, dont wanna make everyone click links!

points- 10/10 (rank 12 with the lowest points per city in the top 85, and the 4th most cities in the world)
fbp- 10/10 (rank 1 by far, almost 200k more bp than rank 2)
abp- 7/10 (my rule of thumb is your abp should stay within 2x the rank of your points, but come on, nobody can really expect you to do that stupid attacking stuff. It woud've been a 5/10 for any other player of your rank, but your strategy is working so well that you get the benefit of the doubt ;))
dbp- 12/10 (rank 1 by far, with double the dbp than the second-place-holder. You have almost 3x more bp than the nearest ACTIVE competitor!)
alliance- 7/10 (Burbvision, rank 3, highest points per player avg, a lot of Titans there)
position- 9/10 (good core of cities in the core, looks like you pushed northwest while in pow (theres a northwestern clump of cities), although burb is in the south east :mad: If you werent in POW, your score wouldnt be so high as I would have trouble understanding your city placement haha)

Overall: 10+10+7+12+7+9=55/60
stimulate is an elite player in world delphi, and one that I'm sure would be a welcomed asset to ANY alliance he chooses throughout the game!