Rate the Player Above You


1-100 Skill
1-100 Points
1-100 ABP
1-100 DBP
1-100 Alliance

Post your in game name if it is different (cough cough Leo). :)


skill: 87
ABP: 75
DPB: 80, since you havent had the time to prove yourself in a war.
Alliance: 35, i feel like they are a MRA, sry ross XD


Skill: 50, i never heard of you before and not much to judge from yet...
Points: 65 You're obviously active, but not that impressive.
ABP: 50 if you started late it's hard to have more.
DBP: 10, but if you haven't been attacked not much do about it :p
Alliance: 55, i'm glad you're no MRA, but you look like a pretty average ally :S

EDIT: Forgot :\ My ign is Danishperfection :)
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skill: 85 - i have a sneaking suspicion this is underscored i've just never played with you
points: 90 - good second city i imagine the third will be too
ABP: 80 - 3099 leading the server but still early
DPB: 30 - 99 can't say much about this :/
Alliance: 95 - expecting great things

still early to tell
Tareqw no worries we will prove ourselves


Skill: 60 - Don't know much about you. :p
Points: 65 - Active, no 2nd city so far :)
ABP: 70 - 900 ABP, pretty good
DBP: 5 - only 47 DBP but you can't make people attack you haha
Alliance: 50 - Could be good, could be bad. We'll see. ;D

My IGN is Sedirae.


skill: 75, i havent ever played with you so i dont know :p sry
ABP: 89 im impressed, your ABP rank far better then you point rank ,which is always good
DBP: 81, surprisingly good..
Alliance: 75, it looks like a MRA, but has good leadership, so im torn here :p


skill:78 you are better than what your stats show but hard to argue because of them
Points:70 big first polis but no second city yet? maybe just waiting for a good one i don't know
ABP: 40 you should have more than this
DBP: 50 still early no score
Alliance: 60 i don't really know not bad but not impressive

I'm judging relative to when you started

Yes i know poor choice in second city it is all about location give me a few days and i'll get rolling


Skill:80 You seem to be good.
Points:60 No third city etc.
ABP:90 Very good for early on.
DBP:5 People sacred?
Alliance:65 Not bad.
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Skill:85 You seem to be good.
Points:90 Third city.
ABP:70 Seems like you are focused on building... unless I am misinterpreting.
DBP:70 Targeted frequently?
Alliance:65 As I am new myself and learning who is what.


Skill:60 - don't know you
Points:40 - eh i think you will do pretty well you need some one to guide you i think
ABP:75 - wow you have like half of your alliances abp not good for the server but for you it is really impressive :)
DBP:50 - no comment no rating
Alliance:25 - i have more abp than your entire alliance does, you are the greatest attacker there, and we rejected your pact because you are allied with our target


high lord ross

Skill: 75, definitely better than the average player and based on your posts in the forum you appear to be active both in game and in the forums

Points: 80, ranked 69 with ~12000 points, while near the top ten players, certainly a respectable showing in the game so far (like I am anyone to know what is respectable ;)

ABP: 90, ranked 10 with ~5600 points, I’m impressed, but then I am so new to the game I am only going by my own experience and I am finding it difficult to find worthy targets that will not start a war with other alliances

DBP: 50, ranked 626 with ~300 points, hard to tell your skill in defense since as I suspect your low ranking is due to lack of attackers

Alliance: 70, ranked 4th, seems a high ranking, however, I would expect with such a high ranking you would have more of your members in the higher ranks of players, only about 10% have > 10,000 points, as opposed to the #1 ranked alliance which has almost 30% with > 10,000 points



Skill--80-- Kinda hard to tell with the lower ABP but high ranking cities. Looks like a solid player who knows some good tricks

Points--85-- 27845 points really high rank for four cities foes to what i said below in ABP or just picky and want big cities :)

ABP--70-- 2657 total ABP ranked 130 so in the more active range. You have some nice cities for lower BP range so might have had help to get them or a great builder

DBP--50-- 878 total DBP ranked 357 eithier you never get attack or dont support to much but could because your in the top alliance.

Alliance--100-- Ranked 1 so not much to say but good job guys and keep up the good work. Im not going to look at grepo stats and see if its the top 20 players or if the inactives or simmers who dont help are boosting the stat any because what i have heard and seen you do well together



skill - 10 - Relies on allies. Can't do anything for himself other than trash talk.
Points - 10 - All those free cities to take near you and you still blow.
ABP - 1 - You're horrible.
DBP - 90 - Only high score you'll get because your allies got your back. Only thing you can coordinate.
Alliance - 25 - Only a matter of time before someone has the balls to take you all out. And it will end quick if they move before you finish taking desserted cities.

And with that said. Goodbye server. Commence stroking each others egos.


alliance-40 Out of Chaos looked like a decent alliance


Now this is actually kinda fun!!!


1-100 Skill....................20 don't see anything yet, and builds cities on village less islands. noob..
1-100 Points..................Barley......30
1-100 ABP...................... attack,what?.....10
1-100 DBP.........................Why are they attacking me? ... 10
1-100 Alliance ...................no allaince

sorry mate hope to see you grow and learn more.


Jamin (hi buddy ;) )

Skill: 80...great player, organizes well, always room for improvement
Points: 75...top 25-ish on server...average over 7k with 11 cities
ABP: 89...ranked 11th on server..always on the offensive
DBP: 60...gave lower ranking just cuz people may be afraid to attack him now...only 9k+ DBP..could also be since he's always on the offensive he doesn't give others chance to attack him
Alliance: 90...top alliance, mostly organized..few things i've seen need to be ironed out


Gamby you are in my alliance so I am sure you know what you are doing.

skill: just got here a day ago so not really sure
abp: 90 attacking regularly
dbp: 0 and that is how it should stay because we will dodge and crush all of your offense
alliance: 100 we are the best

This was solely to see how people will rate me while I am in bp because I want to see how it changes when I start smashing people


Jebusius -
skill: 2 you like pnp's that must be all you are capable of
abp: 4 bah so silly
dbp: 0 this is so silly you don't have any points
alliance: ... crap... 90 yep you guys are the dominators no ifs, ands, or buts about it... then again you haven't ran up against US Army or Death Eaters yet so hmmm might be some fun for later :D

P.S. Jebusius you are the only one worth prodding it seems so I am going to smart off to you every time you post for entertainment. I'm not very impressive on here abp rank above points and a fantastic alliance that is the only thing remotely good about me here.