Rank the Player Above You


Taking this straight from the Delphi forums. It is getting slow here in the psi forums so lets try and get some more post!

Rate the player above you

Points - ?/10
ABP - ?/10
DBP - ?/10
Alliance - ?/10
Position - ?/10

Overall = ?/50

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Don't really know what to compare this to for your out of 10 point system, but you seem like an active player. Good average city points and rank 30 world. Nothing too impressive for BP in either attack or defense but part of #2 alliance.

7/10 XD

and ya i totally agree our forums are dead at the moment. what ever happened to that h3ll hunter idiot that used to troll everyone saying he was the best? it was entertaining.


Still here bud...lost time for that world. We were the best though. And you know it ;)


Rating for discuits.

Points - 9/10 You're in the top thirty decent average ratings.
ABP - 10/10 You're an attacking machine (3rd ranked)
DBP - 8/10 Not bad (64th ranked)
Alliance - 8/10 I do not know much about Romanus but you guys have some top end players but your depth could be lacking.
Position - 6/10 Alliance is around GG and BoW so that could be bad. It could also be great for ABP so rating could go either way.

overall I would give you a 9/10. The only thing holding you back from a perfect 10/10 would be your alliance or my lack of knowledge of them(so nothing bad here) and your simmer points/city average. Your high ABP rating really makes me want to give you a 10/10 but I am trying to make it pretty hard to be perfect 10. Overall synopsis is Discuits is one of the top players in Psi. If your his enemy watch out!

PS. Join in everyone I want people from all alliances participating don't be afraid regardless of your rankings! Who cares what strangers have to say right :)


The players above me have been rated lol oh well I tried :)