Q1 goals & Q2 roadmap


Dear Players,

Below you will find an overview of our Q2 roadmap plans. We will also present a short review of Q1 goals, which have been achieved and the ones still in progress.

Q1 Review:
New Farming Villages System and Bandit’s Camp
Have been one of our main goals of Q1. During our testing phase on Polish market, we received a lot of feedback and further iterated on the features. We have recently opened new servers with both features enabled on 11 markets (France, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Brazil, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland). We are currently collecting opinions from markets above and we pass it to our Game Designers. Apart from that, our Analytics Department is looking into the performance data of the features, so we will be able to work on that as well. After putting everything together, we plan to decide on eventual implementation of requested changes.

New Quest-Log
Since we have released it, additional functionalities like the progress bar for indicating the single steps until a quest is completed have been added. In general, we constantly throw in more logic to the quest-system, so every quest displays the correct state and considers all possible cases.

Island view
We have implemented the smoke and fire indicators above cities and added more information to the city tooltips. At this point, we would like to thank you all for the good discussions on the forums about the first concepts. Still any ideas for improvements are welcome.

Noob protection
we did not manage to change the mechanic of the beginner’s protection yet. We plan to change the system in order to give you a better protection phase.

The work on the concept began and have been presented to you as “Grepolis Score” in the beginning of April.

What do we work on in Q2?

Alliance finder
Some of you might remember the early concept for easier way of entering alliances. We have introduced it on the forums several weeks ago. After considering your feedback, we want to start the implementation soon. The changes will not only let you accept or decline alliance invitations easier, but also see different alliances in the alliance finder list which will fit better to your position on the map.

Game starting phase
Working on it is something, which is always ongoing. Regularly we let different type of players test Grepolis. This shows us strengths and weaknesses of the game starting phase. This is something our team is constantly working on and trying to improve to give you and especially new players a very good first impression of the game.

Grepolis Score
The implementation process has started.
After our Game Designers finish working on “Grepolis Score”, they will start conceptual work on the late game. We really hope to present their ideas to you as early as possible, so that you can share your feedback.
During the last months, we tried to discuss early concepts with you in order to find weaknesses in the concepts and to hear your opinion about our planned changes. We would like to thank you again for your participation in these discussions. The entire Grepolis team appreciates your dedication to Grepolis. Your ideas, thoughts and criticism towards our work helps us to provide you with a better game experience in the end. We are looking forward to the next discussion rounds about new concepts on the forums.

Best wishes
Your Grepolis Team


I am not sure if this is the right place for this, but seems as good a place as any to make suggestions on game improvements, adjustments or feedback. I would like to suggest an idea on the crowns. As more folks play world after world and acquire multiple crowns could we get a large crown with additional mini crowns as you continue to win worlds, underneath it to display the tremendous amount of time, money and your accomplishments within the grepo universe. I think that would be a great touch.
Second, what happen to the overstock safety measure when you would click farming and you would be notified that you would be wasting wood, stone, or silver? It was really helpful. Especially on the phone ap which is already so hard to see while driving down the road at 80mph :)
3rd suggestion it would be great if we could cast island spells on other people. They are ours in our inventory why not be able to share them on alliance mates? 4th suggestion could it be possible to not send the merchant to cities that say have less than 1% available population remaining or something like that so we don't actually waste a merchant visit it just seems wrong, lol. Thank you for listening.


Idea for noob protection, incentivize good leaders to join worlds and build noob friendly alliances as opposed to just purely elite premades.

Maybe offer stand out leaders some kind of benefit like amounts of gold or high cap worlds with decent settings. Something I did in Olous was leave cap space open for newer players to join. That way instead of them just getting longer periods of time to continue to not know what they're doing, they end up with solid alliances, instead of MRAs, don't get rimmed, and stay longer.

Also it would be cool to nerf crown sharing.


Restrict part of the alliance cap for noobs (80 player cap, 10 players must be noobs for example), so if you just want experienced players, you are at a numbers disadvantage. Or similarly, bonus cap for news (80 player cap, 10 bonus noob slots).

Or alliances get some sort of bonus for each noob. 1% better offense/defense per noob, or similar increase in trade, up to 10% for the noobs first 6 months of play.

Of course, there are holes when you do anything like this. Experienced players could just create new accounts, but then they lose any victory bonuses they have, and need to deal with transferring any gold they have, among other things.

I would say the developers can come up with something creative around this, but we've been saying that about the end game for years.