Purging Vs. San Sux


Our most recent war and rly the only real war we have encountered is against San Symmaxia. Brovo to them for that! They have done immensely better than NEMESIS, Pax, and VVV. They came out strong and took more cities than we did from them, even taking one of my own cities before i went into VM for 8 days. But they seem to be slowing down as recently we have taken more cities from them than they can get from us.

The standings are:

The Purging:
Taken - 14
Lost - 9

San Symmaxia:
Taken - 9
Lost - 14

This war will not end for awhile as their is a language barrier between us and they have no want of diplomacy, thank goodness ;)



I love hearing about solid stalemate wars. Very interesting to read about, so keep this up to date! ;)


The Purging Era seems to be ending!!!They are losing more cities every day and San Symmaxia hasn't ;ost a city for over 20 days!!!More purging players quit world I every day..Small San Symmaxia from Greece is no longer small...

The Purging
taken-26 cities
lost-54 cities

San Symmaxia
taken-54 cities
lost-26 cities

Player and founder of San Symmaxia


Ya, its amazing how quickly players will leave once they are challenged. it is part of the game. I have been in this world for almost 2 months now. Players come and go, active players with experience get harder and harder to find... but the game always go on. Shake up like this happen. In most cases its an opportunity for other alliances to trim the fat (get rid of there inactives or ones that don't contribute) and pick up good players and gain more cities. Shake ups like these tend to turn into a Free Agent type atmosphere.


Are these refuges of a defeated alliance going to help them???Or they are going to be a big disadvantage for swamp..We shall see...

Lee Sin

The Dead Rabbits is trying to recruit the people left in the purging, but I doubt it will work.


Dead rabbits??Lol...The Avengers recruited all the purging that didnt go in SFB but they dont stand a chance..


That group is now called "The Outfit", might be why they disappeared :D

Lee Sin

"Any former member of The Purging WILL be accepted"

lol good luck to the outfit

they recruited a bunch of noobs, but it doesn't seem like anyone from the purging came.