Punk in Drublic

Hey guys. I am coming straight to you from EN 30, with my pals. We come to the U.S server to kick the stuffing out of some new players, as this is only the 6th U.S world, so there should be plenty. Hopefully there will be some fighting though. If you want stats on our members, or think you'll want to join, or you just have questions, post them below and I'll try to answer. Please do not steal my alliances name. Thanks,


Drink up, fall down, repeat.


I'll join you...you drunken new englander...i play under a different name here but you craagh, and maybe danver34 will remember me from en world(s)...i've been playing us for a while and will know most of the players. I'll message you ingame when it starts


What direction?

I'd like to head your direction and if you look good then may be I'll send you an application.
It appears that he is interested in joining, I am waiting on a direct response though. To reply to my message, he said: "What's the link"

so I'm guessing that means he wants to
camram today at 15:18
yes just holding off for a few days, until i build my defence. large group of ngng on my island. they sent me an invite i'll play dumb for a few days.

Camram'll join us in a few days after he deals with NGNG. nuts is here, I just can't find him lol, and craagh'll join when he logs on tonight.