Prestiege Citywide

Congrats on the win... It was a long shot for us as we arrived a month late, that said we made Exit quit (2nd time in a row FYI ;) and almost broke thru just too many spies, dead weight (which i knew when we merged just could not overcome as much as i we hoped too) and the constant spam flung around both ways but mainly by the winning team. Worst server as far fun wise but hey is what it is and you guys won.
If we came with more then a 15 person team to start the server i bet things would be different as it was only came for fun but saw a chance and went for it.
As far as me leaving it was tuff for me as i love the friends i play with, but it was necessary bc of RL like we all succumb to at some point.

Good luck Goku if you play again.