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About Me
I have been playing grepolis for over 3 years, I started in US Beta. Not the best player but I know how to survive. In terms of leading experience I have led several alliances in the past, most of which weren't very good. The most successful one being Mad Cow Disease in Theta (FF and Kyllmen can tell you how that went :D). More recently I was in the council of Impact in Abdera, for the short time we were around. Every alliance I have led in has had a strong team chemistry. I can't think of any player that didn't have fun while playing in my alliance, no matter how long we lasted in game. So I have been consistent with keeping the game fun for everyone.

I have made mistakes along the way. I have learned from the mistakes I made in my previous alliances, and have also learned from some great leaders that I have played under. The biggest thing about me is I always give 100%. Whether it be as a player or as a leader. I always try to be there for my teammates when they need me, and would expect you to do the same.

About the Alliance
We will be joining Gela. This will be a smaller alliance, with little to no diplomacy. Players will be expected to participate in Ops and help out there teammates, dead weight will be kicked.

Requirements to Join
I know a lot of premades have set bp requirements and point requirements. I am not going to do that. Instead just send me a forum pm or contact joves82 (me) on skype. Tell me your IGN, what worlds you play on, and we will take it from there. Here are some things I want from a player:

1) Loyalty- You wanted to join this alliance. Now you got to be there for your teammates no matter what. It's a war game. Don't run away from a fight and let your teammates down.

2) Good Sportsmanship- Treat your teammates and opponents with respect. It is just a game, don't stress over nothing. There is no need to brag, you should expect to do well.

3) Be Yourself- To be the best you can be you have to embrace who you are.

4) Effort- Always give 100%, as you expect that from your teammates. Help out the team in any way you can. Troops are meant to die, be ready to lose them to help a teammate grow.

Joseph Nieves
Eric Melvin
harbinger of death
Julius Caesar
and a few other maybes

If you have any questions feel free to ask :)
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Seems like I may get to see how good some of these old forum guys are.