Hello, everyone! My name is Scipio Africanus I and I'm here to make a premade.

About Me:
I'm a first generation player(I've played this game for a pretty long time) and I've had experience in leadership.

In USTau-Was in the number one alliance in O65 and we were thriving and merged into rank 5th alliance but then it fell for no apparent reason.
In US Ialysos- was part of council of one of the top alliance. Did pretty well for months but then people started leaving for real life.

I've also been in one of the best alliances ever such as Radioactive(6 months), Venominium(5 months), Triad(4 months?), Picnic Bunnies, and a few others.


Recruitment is going to be very lax. Just PM me your stats and tell me why you want to join the alliance.


I'm a very chill person and like to have fun. I assure you no matter what happens, you'll have a good experience playing with me. I also don't really do Diplomacy

Northwest. That's the best ocean.
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I wasn't joining->maybe I will join>guess my account name because I will be joining->I am going to make a premade alliance.

Whats next :D?

JD Feyd

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hey I'd love to play this one. send me an invite and I'll be there. I have over 2 million BP in Troy which ranks me 5th for BP. Troy is at a standstill I need some action lol