Not a sink or swim as its too early to see but just general predictions because I`m bored as hell

Popo Trident and popo Trident ll - Definitely mass recruited a ton, I don`t think they are going to do well early, however, I assume/advise that they are going to monitor their members activity levels and eventually cut loose or internalize the deadweight and shrink down to a single alliance. I only recognize 2 of their members so I`m curious too see how they`ll turn out in the long run

Mystery of Oak Island - Also Mass recruited, although not to the same extent, very spread out comparatively, they defiantly need to figure out where to go for a core pretty quick, all the island they have a significant presence also have a large number of enemies. It`ll be fun to sit back and watch them duke it out. If they manage to get a core early on they may become a very competitive group.

Old Gold - I recognize a few names here, they are a smaller group which imo is a good thing in grepolis, they`re current location is pretty good, close to a lot of smaller alliances which will likely be free food for them, they have to consolidate a bit but they should be a competitive alliance either way.

The kitty pool - Recognize a few members, they look to be a pre-made not totally sure, they have 1 good potential core but it has a large number number of mystery oak on it so we`ll see how quickly they take them out (or get taken out)

Monster inc. - No comment because I was with them the 1st few days and don`t want to spread rumors or talk in bad faith

There are a few other smaller alliances with decent players but not big enough for me to make comments on right now


Is there a World Chat on discord or sth like that ?
Not that I'm aware of - go make one