Pre World US 73 Lapithos Discussion

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For everyone turned off by the server, there's a 4/3 conq no morale on EN that drops the same day.

Otherwise the COMA hit it right on the head. One thing I noticed with the US before is that it kept dropping fast servers in hopes that it would get large clusters of other players to the US. But that never consistently happened and in my experience when other groups showed up, they didn't commit to it.
I personally can't comment on the matter, haven't been actively playing until US72, so I wouldn't know about the past couple worlds. Personally, I have always been turned off by Marathon Worlds as I like to call them. ;)


Speed 3/4 worlds are for players that can be very active and drop what they are doing in RL to answer the alarm.
There are many players in speed 3/4 world that rage quit because they go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning with half their cities already conked. I've always suggested that a speed 1 world may be better suited for a person that's less active. Unfortunately these players I'm talking about need to get rimmed on a fast world first so they wont become bored to tears on a slow one.


Yeah I have to disagree. As a player who typically plays fast paced worlds, I plan to jump in this and play it seriously, so that I can have fun on a new grepo server without quitting en108. I think the best option is to alternate between 1/1/1 worlds and 4/3/3 worlds. (And I think en100 proved that speed 6 worlds are a viable option from time to These attract the two different audiences of grepolis, those who wish for a full-time hobby, and those who wish for a part-time one. The real problem are the worlds in the middle, like speed 2's, which don't really piss anyone off as you see with 1's, but they never appeal to anyone that much either.

Speed 1's are popular, as the user numbers show, they are just a minority that is not well-represented on the forums, because these players spend less time per day on grepolis, and therefore less time per day on the forums as well.

As a random side note, I think that this summer wasted a valuable opportunity for a crazy-world, as we've had a few times. Let's have a two-week-long speed 15 world or something...1 day BP, 6hr foundation time, etc
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TL;DR: If this isn't your cup of tea...nobody cares!! :D If speed 1 worlds were not successful, they wouldn't be released. Go play en109 instead.


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The new world is now released :)
As it is released I will be moving this thread over to there.

Enjoy the new world!

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Watching sap drip from a tree is more entertaining than waiting 8 hrs on a construction build from one level to the next.
No fun for me but I can see the argument for players that don't want to be constantly attacked all through the night with quick strikes and 13-18 minute CSes.
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