Pre-Made alliances

Pressure Cooker

Pre-Made Alliance info:

Arts of Infinity
Direction: South-West
Founder: Pressure Cooker
Note: Are a democracy and want to form a tight core in ocean 45.

The Astartes
Direction: North-West
Founder: Torgaddon
Note: A group of well-organized, communicative and experienced players. They won't mass-recruit.

Semper Fi
Direction: North-East
Founder: Charl
Note: They already got more than 10 players who are experienced and come from many different worlds...

Direction: North-East
Founder: Ace-Wolf
Note: Also take in newbies that would like to learn about Grepo.

Punk in Drublic
Direction: South-East
Note: They seem to have created a big group already.

Evils Bane
Direction: South-West
Founders: Carter1411, breez
Note: They won't be an MRA and only take in people who play for 6 months or longer.

TroJan Death Punch
Direction: North-West
Founder: DONlord
Note: They plan to control ocean 44

The Redwoods
Direction: North-West
Founder: Gierto
Note: They earn BP and Communicate in English. Or, that's what they want to do...

The Elite
Direction: North-East
Founder: Grover Underwood
Note: Are looking for daily active members.


North-West (Ocean 44): The Astartes, TroJan Death Punch, The Redwoods
North-East (Ocean 54): Semper Fi, Ronin, The Elite
South-West (Ocean 45): Arts of Infinity, Evils Bane
South-East (Ocean 55): Punk in Drublic
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Grover Underwood

I have one, starting North-East, already have about 10 players willing to join. Alliance name will probably be The Elite


Rho is starting to look promising, I look forward to playing with you all thisisgrepolis


Rho is starting to look promising, I look forward to playing with you all thisisgrepolis
I look forward to smashing your cities! TORG SMASH!
Nah, I kid.
The world looks promising to me, too. Some nice players, nice alliances. :p Gonna be fun! :)

King Leonidas 3.00

well we're recruiting in 45 and the boarder, so we can take guys in 55 that are close to 45