Power Rankings / Synopsis So Far


Below is my Power Rankings for alliances in Leontini - about 3 months into the world. These rankings are opinion and we’re based on my own thoughts, Grepolis data, etc. As of now, there’s only a handful of alliances left so this will be brief.

1. Tusk/Fang (Swim)
#1 in ABP, DBP, Overall BP, Points, and Cities
My alliance so I‘ll be brief. Top alliance in world in almost all statistical categories. They lead their wars with Drunken and 300. Almost complete control over their ocean and have a very solid core.
2. 300 (Float)
#2 in ABP, #3 in DBP, Points
Solid group of top players and have contended well in their ocean. They have not been in fighting Any major alliances consistently with almost no conquests between them and Drunken. Decent tally against Tusk but losing that war in terms of conquests. I could see the, either officially pacting with Drunken to make a run at Tusk, or, could see them fight Drunken to secure their core which is a bit stretched. Have a few players quitting/leaving/internally taking over
3. Drunken Family/Butchers (Float/Maybe sink later)
#3 in ABP, #2 in DBP, Points
Tighter core than 300, but they are in a long struggle with Tusk. Currently, are down 13-36 in the war based off conquests. They have made a strong push up the eastern side of O54. Top players are extremely strong but are losing a lot of smaller players along the way.
4. Short Bus (Float)
Small, but tightly knit group of players in the Far East of map. Could be a nuisance or key ally for Drunken or whoever as the world progresses.
5. Everyone else - not really any other alliances that pose a threat to the world. Will be interesting to see how the rest of world shakes out!