Post fun reports that you want to share


I checked the rules to see if there was anything prohibiting this, but I couldn't find anything regarding this type of thread, so I'm going to ASSUME it's safe to post.

Just to be on the safe side though, I'll be cropping out names in my reports, and would suggest others do the same to prevent a rule being created to prevent these from being posted.

This was always a fun type of thread in a different similar game I used to play, so hopefully people find it enjoyable here as well. Make sure the image is no larger than 640 x 640 though according to the rules.

I'll start off:

edit: Confirmed by figtree that this type of thread is allowed and unrestricted, but I'm still going to make the reports I post anonymous out of etiquette.


Why would you be proud of just CS hunting on opening day? I would be more proud of an actual fight.
You're not really gonna find actual fights this early, and I'm not posting it because I'm "proud" of it, I always just liked the concept of people posting decent reports to forums like other games do, but I guess people don't feel like participating.

Ah well, was worth a try to liven up this forum-- people barely ever post anything here, was hoping to somewhat change that so that the entirety of content isn't just trash talking on a sink or swim thread.
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wilde one

I won't trash talk. like you said, it is early. i cannot say my alliance is best as i do not know the inner workings of the other alliances. All i can say is i will play my best and i hope everyone else does the same. that is what makes us all come back.


The best report I have seen so far is a player sending birs and dlu to an attack. When I asked him why he did that, he replied "I got a MM to send everything I had, so I did."

He got a good deal of bp but did not understand the concept of attack troops vs defensive ones.

Live and learn.

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