PnP: Something Seems Off....

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The Forum Diva yet again finds himself arguing with another player trying to prove himself. Let's see if this will continue or he shall look for a new prey to play his petty games.


Nobody likes you Smilo, you're just a cocky college kid whose in way over his head and spends way too much time on Grepo. Not a single guy in this world actually respects you, they just like playing your stupid cocky game so they go along with it. You're a coward who runs when things don't go your way, if you were in my position, you would've abandoned the alliance by week 2. Happened in en68 Cythera, happened in us52 Helorus, and countless others. Shut up and sit down, buddy. Tiny tiny wanker.

Last I knew you were just out of high school yourself when you left Helorus