PnP - Legion Of Shields


Furthermore since I don't respect you guys as players I'm just going to say this Loud and clear. I refuse to continue speaking to anyone who I feel is beneath me as a player:p
Is that why you messaged our whole alliance tonight? Glad you respect us all so much to take the time out of your day to message each of us personally.


i quit athens and whoever whats m city can get my city.Oh and LOS is gonna fail...big time


So whats up, you thought we were going to fully lash out on you? Ha. The stage in the game is all a big "if" "when" saying "when i get....i will"
The game is about 2 years, that is time enough (ha) to have a fair fight. Of coarse we had to attack you with whatever we had. You blaggard and badmouth prople publicly and that tends to happen. Just be happy for the points you gained. Not sure if it shows the times but our timing was on mthfkn point and we are united. You saw our alliance go nameless in a day under 24 hours were back. I ahve never seen that happen that fast on any server or game world. I woukd not underestimate that teamwork.
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Oh i am glad i stumbled in on this gem..... hahaha

Those are some really nice attacks hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

WOW, why cant i get lucky enough to have people attack me with bir escorted troops,

Ilegend, if you want real expirienced players that are on the .us servers, i would check out the one that just opened up, i would invite you to TAU, but we have all but sealed that up already.

Good luck with those attacks though guys, Ilegend enjoy all the free bp!:)


Thanks Butlerbeast with enemies like them Who needs friends lol.


hahaha that is true! I dont think you will have much to wry about hahaha!

Just wait till they start sending cs at you haha, snipe central!

Good luck bud! i doubt you will need it though...

Green Arrow

This all makes me laugh now because my alliance took aliciayyyy's city and she had to restart after the noob alliance L.o.S merged into another even bigger noob alliance The Elite.... Now we are taking "Elite" cities for fun and my goodness it's super easy!!


Now we are taking "Elite" cities for fun and my goodness it's super easy!!
Why did you use the plural form of "city", when grepostats only shows your alliance taking a single Elite city? It wouldn't surprise me if you take more in the future, I'm just puzzled about the way your post was worded. Do you have a bunch under siege right now, or did you just get a bit ahead of yourself.