PnP - Gangland: Special Edition


Haha you can call TG simmers and noobs and talk about how they suck but they have the crowns, and talent to prove that they aren't simmers and noobs. They will move along and take anything that threatens them, just ask Hydra, and EOD I am sure they have rimmed more alliances just don't know about it, and I am not aware of the alliance you are in but trust me your time will come., and you cannot ignore the map of US 30 they still have about 6 months till WW and they look like that? They are insanely good. They have many many crowns to prove the are good and don't sim.
Just ask (E.o.D) what? The Gang & Co has never taken a city from us.. So far we have taken (6) cities from you guys but Legion is in-between us and yall's. Which I hear that Rabit and legion are kicking your bum..


You guys? I am not from TG hahaha I am from the alliance who has currently eaten about 6 of your cities in the past week, and if TG has never taken a city from yall then why do yall have players that are in O33, and TG wanting to come into our ocean to eat yall..... again?