PNP: Bloody Eagle on Bloody Avenger


Could this be fall of mighty Art of War 1 & 2 as well as their last desperate play to give signs of life ?
Well either way its time to share what happened last night in this world :)


Short Intro:
-Mister Bloody Avenger boasted about being the best bla bla, bought 200k gold bla bla, won 5 worlds in 5 years bla bla.. so we felt it would be best to show him he is no one to us and that we can take him out and take their both Ally wings at anytime we wanted to.
Enjoy the show ladies and gentlemen.

Goals of this PNP:
-Even while trash talking AoW intention of this PNP is to put a smile over you face looking at these reports and to make your day better :)
-Second goal might be to show you all that AoW has pts, members.. no coordination or firepower, without attacks by The Eagles siege would have been boring as hell.

Issues with PNP:
-It seems that US Forum is not designed as same as EN forum is, so it does not allow me to post more than 20 images in same thread.. Inno wtf?
-This is my first PNP, please be gentle ;)

Before we get into it, our fearless Papa kraken decided to change his city names after landing fresh, new siege on Bloody Avenger near our core :)

Very first report we got when siege landed.. mister Bloody Avenger tried to backsnipe our siege 4 sec after CS landed.. shame.. more skill and luck needed mate..

Don't get me wrong people.. other than feeding us with garbage attacks and free DBPs AoW with help of The Eagles really made an effort.. naaah not even close..
Tho having roughly 3,5k LS and 700 Tri's on our wall after siege was over was nice addition to our newly opened slots..

Attacks should be displayed by time but you know.. some might escape and get lost since there are so many pics..
WARNING: This might very well hurt your eyes with stupidity of certain leaders to call siege break like that on siege like this :confused:

Nice luck mr. leader, maybe next time a bit more fliers?

ohh come on.. its like giving us free yummy bps..

And you start to think okay.. they will start hitting with half - full naval nukes.. but then..

And that is it for now ladies and gentlemen, tune in for new PNP when AoW grows some balls to attack our current daily sieges on them :)

Thanks for reading this and next 3 separate posts :oops:
Hope you liked it,
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Second post

Z with this, really Bloody..

Oh oh ohhh they are getting better stronger, faster !

And then again they let you down.. why Vegas why.. We thought you were better than that..

Trying to restore some lost faith..

Okay.. Faith restored Vegas :)

Just kidding.. in the end.. he disappointed like 90% of them did..

Ohh a bold one.. well okay..

Now now.. they are not all stupid and dregs.. can i get applause and HELL YEAH for my boi leg.

AOTD i know you are good guy.. but why.. tell me why that spell..

Now now.. there is no reason to throw dirt on ordinary members of AoW.. so here is 1 special pic of their leader "Assisting" with siege break. :)

AOTD restoring some faith with Atlanta to rush the speed of his mighty naval strike !



Third Post

I know my boi Nikos would never let me down :)

Dang AOTD.. really thought you were smarter than most in AoW..

and again

Another bold one, congratz mate :)

One of those rare.. specimens right? I would like to think so jay !

AOTD never gives up.. no matter how many birs he kills, in this scenario only 1 lonely bir..

Its something else is it? Cant really tell anymore..

Mighty Leader strikes again ! Watch out !


Got to hope for some real bps ya know?

Second relatively normal LS wave with Z, can we adopt this Pro?

Don't worry AoW, Styro will save you !



Honorable Post about Eagles

There are many more reports like that, this was only summarized version of 100+ naval attacks :)

Instead of dragging name of 2 good players trough same dirt where AoW is now, their assistance with siege on AoW city are posted in separate Spoiler.

We consider Murdo and Dil our MVPs for last night, even with siege in this state they did real dmg to it. Congrats enemy :)

Ouchh well this one had very bad luck.. sorry..

This one is a bit over AoW level..

Nice it Dil, tho you should know that certain spell works only for Land units :)

Luck +30% Are you magician Dil or Papa Dil..

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Evil that is a great episode of bloody avenger. when will the rebirth of bloody avenger come out? well i can tell you its not today due to horrible production and cast.



Evil that is a great episode of bloody avenger. when will the rebirth of bloody avenger come out? well i can tell you its not today due to horrible production and cast.
Well hopefully we will have new PNP on AoW by tomorrow morning depending how good they are to us tonight..



Today, Bloody Avenger quit the world "due to RL issues". His alliance is internalizing him, as is their modus operandi, from mention by members inside.
Apparently, the Icelandic warrior had to go to the gym today again....and didnt come back out the door.


Well as everyone can see there will not be a sec part to this due to supposly rl got in the way. we will have to start another


Good to know about Return from the Underworld. I'd never tested it on naval units before, and I figured that was as good a time as any :)