PnP- Alter (sic) of the Twelve Gods


Alter of the Twelve Gods
The Sanctuary
Sword Play
That is our nickname for them so we don't have to spell their name that they never changed the spelling of to correct it.
So far we are beating A.S.S 5-0 but today they gave us a scare. they where trying to take sephi's only city KAME HOUSE
1. attack-
2. attack-
3. attack-4:57:38
4. attack-10:25:58
5. supp-
6. supp-
7. supp-
8. supp-
9. supp-
10 supp-
11. supp-
12. attack-14:34:18 server time: 20:11:48
13. attack-15:01:23 server time: 20:14:35 - Colony Ship?
14. supp-
The times are how fast a CS can travel from that location. The CS sender was dextro.
All the biremes are A.S.S.E only (E stands for Elite)
(I would show you but my computer is messed up right now so can someone from OI paste the clearing attack before duke's snipe and duke's snipe. sephi posted it himself thanks.)
They can't spell Altar, They can't land CS's and the only CS's they snipe are their own this is at least the second time and I don't know how much times they did that to Alliance X. The 1st time they snipe their CS to RyderHard's city with 500 biremes and 2 or 3 other times they just sent clearing attacks and biremes. Sword Play haven't attacked us yet and are trying to eat small alliances from Ocean 77. Same with A-12 except they are attacking alliances in 58,47,37. Another thing A-12 can you tell your academy The Sanctuary to keep attacking us with their 15 bireme nukes? They almost managed to kill 5 biremes when beseiging us, and they sent almost 10 of those 15 bireme nukes. Don't forget the 1000's of troops every attempt you try to take our cities those beautiful 5LS escorts really help. I also love the 30 LS nukes you guys send I have to admit though Pintobean actually has a city with over 100 LS you should give him a pat on the back for being the first member to get a 100 LS in one city.
Honestlly though The Sanctuary has like 7 members who can play the game. I sometimes wonder whether we are at war or we are helping you relocate your members to the rim where most of your alliance already is. Alter, I will actually respect you more if you guys actually helped your players.. I mean Hargunn 10,000 plus city we Stroll into it stack it and it until it gets 1000 LS. Half of those LS are 6+ hours of commute and maybe Pintobean,dextro and 3 or 4 other members send attacks with Pintobean sending the most LS (only 100LS split into 2 attacks.) The only people you stack birs in is scoobywoo and she already gave up and is taking 1500 point cities in 67. We overestimated you so badly that we thought you where drawing all our birs away for a larger Opu attack so there where only 3 people trying to snipe your CS. Yet your great leader nicely executed a Snipe of more than 250 biremes with the help of 2 associates.
Sorry for any long run on sentences.
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Too much to read! lol
You are right about Sanctuary, they are pure MRA


i asked them to alter their name to the correct spelling

the founder said that he was drunk when making the alliance