Please correct Errors in WIKI on this WIKI Page


I like Grepolis, as it is a numbers game, however when there are blatent errors in calculation examples, and Unit information is NOT correct, it makes understanding them and using them a lot more difficult.

This Page has a lot of very good information, but with errors and information missing, a player new to the game will end up quitting, because they can't follow INCORRECT DATA in the tables, missing data in the tables, and errors in the examples shown.

Has anyone ever even tried to correct these errors? Or am I the only one that has noticed them?

1. There are OLUs and DLUs (Myths and Non-Myths) missing from the table.

2. Offense and Defense values have numerous errors in the values shown.

3. In the Section "Land Army", subsection "Defensive Army", the very first number in the calculation is WRONG! and is used throughout the discussion, so anyone trying to duplicate or follow and understand it, will be confused and and have a lot harder time understanding the numbers.

Please don't get me wrong, to me after finally comparing the actual numbers in the game vs what is here, I finally figured out what was being said and understood it all.

Newer users that do not deal in numbers everyday, will NOT be that lucky. It would be nice if it showed the correct data here, and then be of help to a lot more users not getting discouraged because they can't follow what is being shown.

Thank you,



Slow down JLH, there is one man running the wiki for both US and EN servers.

He's not been at it too long and when he took over he had a mountain of work to do.

Don't forget his work is also voluntary.

I'm sure he will take your points on and will be rectifying things as soon as he can.


Sorry for delay in response, was busy then had technical issues.

I just took a look at that page you linked. Wow, that whole thing needs a lot of work.

As for the numbers, just remember - even the simulator on Grepolis itself has been wrong in the past! Lots of updates and changes, things tend to break and information becomes outdated.

I'll add it to the to-do list. :)