Persian Army - Experienced Founder/Leader


Taking over the world has to start somewhere or will die trying

Experienced leader/diplomat who's done this before.

Join our team NOW, Organized & Aggressive

See ya in Sparta either way

For invite contact jherokingdom in game or click on link below
Looking for a few good experienced players

You got what it takes?

To start near alliance

*I have been a Top 2 defender in two previous worlds/Conquest and revolt. Top 10 Attacker in three previous worlds.

Good luck all -thisisgrepolis If its a game why does it feel like work sometimes?

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Dub Colis


oh yum, gummy right by us, one island over, we like snack food, are you smushy like the pillsbury dough boy?
I love Armies of sheep lead by a wolf... You think you can conquer the world! Too bad sheep are used for sacrifices >:)
~Good Luck Mate!!!