Perfect attack timing....WTF...Anti-Timer Override?

Rogue RG

Can someone explain how these players are able to perfectly time all their attacks?

4 attacks landing within 4 seconds

2 different targets both with CSs land perfectly 1 second after the LS clearing attack.

13 attacks with the majority of them within a few seconds of each other. Unbelievable coordination between 2 players... Not to mention the individual timing on most of SlayerBaam's attacks. Explain how this is possible with every attack?
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Rogue RG

I have sent in ticket after ticket with every attack I have seen like this.
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I’m not sure what your saying here, maybe accusing our players of cheating?

Just saying this Caseynall sniped multiple CS, everyone was within a 1 second gap. We reported and got the same reply.

Idk about you but most of us always get the end of the stick when it comes to timing.

Rogue RG

I'm not openly accusing anyone of cheating. I'm just presenting some of the evidence I have accumulated. It's up to the individual players to make their own decision on whether they think someone is cheating or not. I do sniping and I launch 25% of the force each attempt and recall what is out of timing. None of the above attacks were recalled because of bad timing, no attack included a ST so it could be re-timed. Just perfectly timed attacks.... They must be the luckiest players in the game.....

My attacks, regardless of the number attack, always seem to be spread out over 10 to 25 seconds. I have to launch my first try with a ST and if timing is bad, recall and launch again (hoping for better timing). Even doing this I have yet to be lucky enough to get 2 LS and 2 OLU attacks to land within 4 seconds of each other in perfect order. Maybe I'm not doing something correctly.....
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This also happened to me and to a friend of mine in Dyme as well. Tickets were sent in. Dyme player was a possible botter but here we had no clue at all. What was even weirder though, was that all of the attacks were launched at the SAME time, and had the same LT, all from different cities.

Either way, I agree that something is very wrong with the Anti-timer system all of the sudden. Unless there's a new bot/cheat that the MODs, Devs, and/or Inno doesn't know about, I think there is just a big coding issue. I say this because I've noticed HUGE lags at times too. Loads taking 5 mins plus, building ques (once clicked to start building) take up to 30 seconds before registering, and etc.

But yeah, you're not the only one whose been through that. I know in Dyme it's far worse and way more common too


man is this how low knights have fallen trying to accuse someone of cheating been playing this game to long to cheat. Not my fault you are bad at timing and cant line up attacks. Isnt like i get good timings all the time, so suck it up and continue to fall as a alliance
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The mods don't know about the old ones either. Look at Dyme where it took weeks for an alliance that was obviously multi accounting to be banned...and some of them somehow got away to VM as well.

I'm not saying anyone did anything one way or the other. But really if you want a mod to take it seriously, mass report it a few times. If they're guilty, they'll take a ban sooner or later. If not then they're pretty lucky with timing.

@IslandHarvester its actually possible to get a 1 second snipe pretty consistently due to game mechanics. Conq players do it all the time. Its harder to line the attacks consistently.
Conq players do it all the time.
I think this is one thing revolt players don't realize. Conquest is significantly harder to deal with and far more challenging. In comparison, you can "relax" in revolt worlds because of how the conquering process is structured. In Conquest worlds, and especially the higher speed worlds, if you're offline for even an hour, you're either getting spam attacked, HC'ed, or all of your cities are getting wiped/conquered. There's no resting there at all.

Not trying to take credit away from revolt worlds. Revolt can be hard for sure. But I've found conquest to be significantly harder and MUCH more time consuming as well.
I think it depends. Revolt is a lot less relaxing than conq when you have 150 revolts running on your alliance.

Good thing about conq is the absolute rock bottom of a day is still only about 10-15 sieges at best. Revolt seems to get 60+ cities taken a day during a successful op period.

Mole Man 420

I've had some pretty lucky timing lately as well. For example I feel like as if the mobile app generally pushes my attack times ahead at a pretty consistent every 2 out of 3 attempts.. So using anchors for multiple attempts and just timing attacks 11 seconds prior to my desired landing time and with the mobile app generally pushing my time forward Rather than backwards I've been pretty successful / lucky at landing things with very close timings.

It also helps if you have 10-15 different cities to try from though.. Having 15 attacks coming in all within a 10-20 second gap time frame and the bulk majority of them landing all within relatively a 5 second gap ... It looks weird.. But their is a bit of a science for those,of you dedicated to sending 15+ attacks in a day timed together


That's a lot closer than we get on US64, and we'll send like 20-30 nukes. Sometimes we'll get lucky, but never that lucky.
Probably not giving yourself enough chances...or hitting the timer the right way. If you nick it just right you can determine which way it goes. We also all utilize speed tokens, slow trans, and other strategies to give ourselves the maximum amount of chances. Not that hard once you get the hang of it. With Atalanta last week, I was able to give myself 6 different opportunities to time an LS wave in.