Peace time compensation for event


I may be the only person who will suggest this.

The particular event is difficult because it eats so many troops and the failure rate (even with high enhancement) is higher than it probably ought to be.

Getting to higher levels is tough, and will take a lot of building and time. That means a good bit of farming.

With the Thanksgiving Peacetime (particularly since it was not going to happen then reversed), basically 1.5 days of the event are going to be lost since building troops will be so impaired without the ability to attack.

My request is that the event be extended the same length as the Peace Time.

That, it seems to me, would be fair and better all around, and no reason really not to do it.


I 2nd RVA's comment.

Ctduck, unlike yourself, we're in a brand new world and our old one closed out. Come join and you'll see how difficult this event can be.