Pandora's Box


Pandora's Box event is way off balance. In the new worlds you can not keep up with the demand and still play the game.. The troops needed use up everything you have and you can not even build them fast enough to keep up.. Great rewards but way off balance at least for new worlds with players averaging 4-6 cities. I am sure that worlds where players who have many cities 30-40+ do not have this much of a problem so I would say the new world suffers the most.. The factor for less cities is way off. Fix it please.

I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this. Others have expressed the same concerns and have quit the event completely for this reason.

Everyone please post your opinions. Thanks
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VERY VERY off balance... I cant justify using the troops faster than you can build them with the small city counts. I heard they are scaled depending on the World Progression Point but even at the troop counts for just the 10th box is WAY over the ratio needed to participate.

My opinion...HORRIBLE EVENT! where is my Tyche Calendar lol


One easy way to kill of an early stage server!

The idea of completing 40 boxes is absurd....

The 'box rewards' are cool, the idea sound : - maybe just treat it like the 'hades vs sparta' event. So you gain virtual troops rather than use actual troops.

I will bin this after stage 10 and get back to fighting, waste of time continuing.

As a very old grepo fan, please sort this out!


this event blows chunks. I have 33 cities & using the cheat sheet. I'm on the 10th box & the spirits escape 10 times in a row. WTH


Doing this Pandora thing between real life stuff atm.

It is expensive and takes tons of time building these units unless you are spending tons of gold. I can't be the only one getting pissed. And you get to the higher levels (I am on the 4x BPs reward) and the failure rate is too damn high and you just effing waste units. So effing geared to gold spenders. Seriously makes me not wanting to waste my effort and resources and time.

It would irritate me even more if we (my alliance e.g.) were in an active world with lots of critical battles and not a soon easy win. Not to mention newer players with only one city or few cities will be left out of any consistent competition in the event. I hope this is not a new trend with Grepo, making events geared this way.

I am also noticing similar complaints on the Beta forum feedback and you still went with the concept.

I am very disappointed.

I hope they you (Grepolis) get the message when you see low participation. It would even suck in strategy for those with tons of gold and tons of cities and tons of time to play on worlds where battling and conquering was presently highly critical.

Edit: Adding, this would be a struggle for new worlds but also rather a no-go for any world in the midst of WWs!
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I am in agreement with the others who have posted here. The number of failures is way too high, and it seems to double the chance of failure if you accelerate the mission with the ritual. As the troop costs go up, the success rate plummets. It is simply not worth the effort.


I like the Pandora's Box event. It takes some planning, logistics, and skill to get through it, something I like in games.

That said, there is no way anyone can get through the event without either having 60+ cities and/or spending an inordinate amount of gold. I've been diligent (without setting alarms to wake up every hour to resend), spent a little gold to pop a batch of troops, and even with reopening the box I don't see how you can get to box 40. In all the other events, one could finish the event with little or no gold spending, as long as they were diligent with it.

The event is just too costly for some of the rewards posted. If done in the future the expenditure needs to be reworked, the time for the travel shortened, and/or the success rate a touch higher. Maybe a troop usage thing like with the Sparta vs Hades event.

I know 2/3rds of my alliance has already quit the event as it is too much of a drain on resources. I'm really only pushing on it because I was probably 75% setup for this type of event.

Hopefully an adjustment or something can be done for this event as well as if they do it again in the future.


Now at the end of the second day since Zeus' ultimatum, a violent lightning bolt suddenly strikes down from the sky and hits Pandora's Box. With a bright flash, the box vanishes, as if it had never been there.
The people celebrate, the armies lie down in the dust to rest, but one question remains... What was it that brought Zeus' wrath upon the Greeks? And will it happen again?

Currently gathering some data and opinions from the world (63-Zac) and so far its not good...more to come in a few days


Got through box 15 before throwing in the towel. It just took too many troops to get through to the next one to justify continuing. It would be interesting to hear what the distribution of how many boxes were completed by players (and how much some of them spent to get there).

It is a good concept, and a pleasant change from the ones they've been doing for years, but just not doable by smaller players, and without draining your cities and resources to rebuild. Maybe if we hadn't been moving to WW it would have been different, but the way the unit counts were going, it looked like it would take most of a nuke by the time you got to the upper boxes.

I was disappointed that any box awards that weren't used didn't transfer into the extended inventory. We had earned them.


I ran an informal survey of the top 6 alliances in Zac (US63) about the event. In it I asked for what level box they reached, estimate of gold spent, and reasons for quitting early or any gripes. This was completely voluntary and I thank those who responded. In all the Pandora's Box event was not well received, not so much that the event was bad, but more that it was just too costly for people to go into. That said, here are the results;

45 players out of 250 responded (18% return, decent for an informal survey)
Box Levels
1 @ 31
5 @ 20-25
16 @ 10-19
23 @ 0-9 (12 were 0-2)

Rough estimate on gold: 20k total, mostly to open boxes or finish a batch of troops. 75% didn't use any.

Reasons for quitting/complaints: (some players had more than one, and these are paraphrased)
6 stated either waste of time or got bored with the event.
12 said the troop cost was too much, very rough for people on front lines and smaller players.
16 mentioned the box rewards were not worth the risk.
7 were disgruntled with the success rate.
5 saw the event as a gold grab.
4 couldn't keep up with the troop demand. (slow world, troop needs not scaled between worlds)
2 didn't like the shop, either the cost or the offerings.
1 player lost some box rewards as it was assumed they'd stick around like the shop does (I thought this too but played it safe)
1 also talked about the fact that the box rewards didn't go into the extended inventory (I agree with this as a problem)

Some quotable quotes:
"most worthless event they ever had"
"Worst dam charade I've seen yet! "
"Been playing for years just plain worse event ever not worth the effort."
"i promise this i will never play that event again."

A couple positives where mentioned, mainly the strategy needed to get the troops in as it wasn't just plain throw gold at it and hope it sticks. Also the uniqueness, it was a different thing than other events, so a breath of somewhat fresh air.

Some ideas to make this event better, if decided to use again:
Scale troops per speed; speed 1 and speed 3 world troop demands the same, so harder to get in slow world.
Scale troops per size; hard for smaller players to have a chance.
Increase success rate; spending 400-500 troops on what amounts to a coin flip (48-52%) is hard to stomach.

Hopefully this is seen and acted upon for future events. This event could be better as well as future events if some of the suggests and comments are heeded. The gold aspect seemed to be a big thing talking amongst my alliance mates. We know Inno is a business and makes money from selling gold, but they need to be more careful or more will leave because its too expensive to play.

Thanks for your time,