Pandora's Box 2021 Feedback Thread


Some app love would be nice. Some of the rewards (6 harpy for 5 hours, 6 light ship for 4 hours-in a speed 6 world) are a little disappointing/weak relative to rewards from other events. Other than that, its cool; its like a combination of a few of the other events.
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Sitting at box 23 / 40 near end of event. Can’t say I’ve been super-regimented about this event, but I am number 2 and number 4 in rankings in the two worlds I’m playing, so I’ve been relatively dedicated.

And as a dedicated participant, it’s pretty hopeless getting anywhere near box 40. I recognize it shouldn’t be easy and is not for everyone, but it also shouldn’t be hopeless.

I think there’s some factor that’s tuned too high here between mission durations, mission failure rates, box cooldowns, etc…

At 50% failure rate using optimal ratios by box 23, seems pretty daunting to advance at more than 1-2 boxes a day, and that’s with above-average commitment.

I would recommend adjusting the numbers for future events. This event feels more frustrating than fun.
after running the event on 3 worlds, can confirm i would not participate in this event unless some things were changed about it. It has good "end of event" rewards, but no way ANYONE got to box 40 with the success rate.

Agreed, that’s another dissatisfying element of the event that I did not mention. Too many of the box rewards were underwhelming and only acquired as a necessary means to the end… which, of course, no one’s getting to.


I wanted to follow up after my initial thoughts. I liked that it was new and different. Liked the ending awards. I'm not a fan of the community awards that other events give out. Another difference I appreciated was that you could see more of your ranking than just +/-1.

Overall though, the event was a disappointment. I was curious about the extra boxes and what would happen after 40, but never got that far. As it was mentioned by Czech and Mega, this got way too hard, way too fast (more troops, longer cool down times and worse odds) which made me lose interest. I dont mind spending a lil gold but it just didnt seem like a reasonable amount of gold would be worth it or get me to the finish line.
The increasing troop requirement wasnt too bad and can be made up for through mission selection and a little gold.

The cool down times and bad odds just didnt work. I finished 11th and only got to box 27. Everyone with or without gold should have a shot at box 40. 3 boxes a day for 13 days was perfectly reasonable at the start. The most frustrating part of this game was getting stuck at home and losing my mind with 7 fails in a row knowing I have life stuff to do. With olympics, slinger trial, hades v sparta, easter and christmas the app doesnt mean too much as long as I can get online once or twice a day to run the event. This event requires online every 20 min all day and that isnt acceptable. Put it on the app and I get 3-4 more boxes just for that. This event sucked for the simple fact of no app

One other complaint/suggestion was that the option to buy troops wasnt available at all times. While a mission was running or the box was closed the option to buy troops wasnt available. There were a few times I wanted to buy troops, mainly just before midnight when I know its cheaper to buy a few everyday than a bunch in one day. Didnt make sense for it to not be always available.

Last suggestion; would be cool if every mission also had a possible reward. Small reward like the hydra heads event. It could be top box is 50 favor, bottom box is 250 each res. or could be each spirit has a reward. Would make up for the lackluster box awards and take away from the sting of mission failures.