~Olympia Observation~


Olympia Observation
Olympia will be an interesting world, there are less noobs and more players who came here to win... if you are a player looking for an easy win you are out of luck here... to win this world you will need to come over some of the best players on this server.

Alliance Evaluations:

[spr]This alliance as there profile says has been around sense us. Upsilon. They have done well as an alliance but has not succeeded... I am told not to overlook alliances but this will need to be one I overlook... they are spread thin over 4 oceans have no complete control over any oceans and have mass recruited to an extent as I hear. There numbers take away from any expansion of gaining good players in there "territory" instead they have about 30 people not in there main ocean 54. From looking at there founders (Sm1rk) past he has only played on us 38 and now 39.... he may have had other account like most but maybe that was to hide from something? only time will tell wether this alliance succeeds or not[/spr]

[spr]This alliance is the alliance I am currently a part of. I will do my best not to be bias. This alliance doesn't have a past as a group like other alliances that come here together from another server. or another world. That is a downfall... but this alliance has some good members... and some noobs. Leadership here is strong from what I see. This alliance is organized in there alliance forums as well... as far as distance away they are based in ocean 55 with a couple other strong alliances and aren't stacked up right next to each other for the most part but pretty scattered over 55.[/spr]

[spr]This alliance obviously came together from a world they won. Most of them have crowns, they obviously have the skill and experience to go the length again as a group, but since they have already won are they determined to win again? this alliance has great talent all around, they have good location and are in a good position thus far. But there are plenty of alliances that can beat them in the long run in many different ways.[/spr]

[spr]This alliance has a lot of good players I recognize from other worlds as "good" players and a lot of them are very active since some have time to be on the externals. This alliance has wonderful leadership from what I hear. This alliance also has pretty good location... only 5 or 6 are not within the ocean. You can never be to certain on wether alliances like this will succeed or fail... alliances will have ups and downs... its a matter of when they have them...[/spr]

North Vikings:
[spr]I don't know much at all about this alliance... But what I can say is that they are in a tough spot. They are about even with Havoc in there ocean, if they are smart and make some friends they can take havoc out I think. But since I don't know much it could be the opposite way in this situation... so if the leaders are smart things should go well for this alliance... if not then failure is destine for them.[/spr]

These were all just opinions with some facts within

This is a small first issue since BP hasn't even ended yet, so anything can really happen and so far not much has happened or can happen, but I will be doing an issue every week or so. I will announce the realease date of the next issue this upcoming friday. If you are interested in joining the team to help work on this send me an in game message, or if you are interested in an interview of some sort also please send me a message. Thanks everyone I hope you enjoy


My alliance is now #12, I made it a lot later than the other people made theirs.


This is such a joke! You're obviously new. There are TWO alliances in this world: Name Changers and Panic Attacks. Good luck... you'll need it.


No, no. Havoc goes on the very very very bottom. War.Hammer is second-to-last.

I don't know though. Havoc DOES have one good player in EnyoIII... he could probably take on W.H by himself. We should get those two to fight (minus Enyo) and watch them both ghost because the constant bireme attacks were too much for either team.


That moment in Naxos when I get supported by Havoc with LS when they mean to attack lol


I like how modest you were with it. You didn't talk down, and you stated your opinion with reasons behind it.
Good job! :)

@NiggsMagoo - I had to laugh at loud when I learned about that as well. :p I forgot who the person was.


nothing to talk about... 3 big alliances and a whole buncha noobs in MRA's that are easy pickings....