Ocean 56 and Lions Claw Alliance


I am to date the only Lions Claw member in Ocean 56, it would be nice to have other brothers/sisters to join the Alliance.
So far there are about 30 more slots open for the Alliance. If you would click on my profile and click on the Lions Claw Alliance that lead you to Stingdog21 which is the Founder/recruiter for the alliance.
Feel free to ask him to join.

There is also a sister alliance the Tigers Claw Allianice who has one member in Ocean 56 as well.

It would be nice to have members from both come aboard from Ociean 56.

Looking forward to meeting you....


Hi, welcome to the forums. I have moved your thread to a more specific area - for those playing your world.
You can also make a player introduction if you like, in the previous thread, more centered around yourself. :)
This post, being about recruitment, seems more fitting here.