Ocean 32 and 42, The Thracian Acedemy recruiting!

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    We are an alliance that stems from the great, Thracian Empire. #1 ocean alliance in ocean 32, we have created an alliance for new players under 1500 points, known as The Thracian Academy. While still being a part of the Thracian Empire, we offer the same benefits and supports as any high leveled player in Grepolis.

    Are you a new player? Are you in ocean 42 or 32? Would you like to grow quickly and be a powerful player on your island and ocean?! Well look no further, The Thracian academy is the home for you. If you are interested, please feel free to reply or contact me directly. May the gods be with you and your city thrive merrily!
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    LOL This thread makes me laugh. Being the top alliance in ocean 32 is being the goldfish in a little bowl of water. :)
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    Well thanks for your reply mflip. We are playing the game respectfully and are climbing the ranks quickly! If you see this wrong in any way, please feel free to message me and let me know what we could do better! If I'm not mistaken the goldfish is in it's best habitat, when kept in a little bowl of water. Maybe you were referring to it's ancestral species known as the Carassius auratus gibelio, which closely related to the koi fish, are the closest wild relative of the goldfish. Either way, I'm still a bit confused as to where your hypothesis of smaller alliances is relative to your prior statement. Regardless of your inconsiderate acknowledgement, it's good to see top alliances showcasing their best and brightest! I look forward to being your counterpart in this great game we call Grepolis. :)
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