Now none of us have TB.


In the short time I had to get to know him I came to respect him for what he offered to the game and me. He's intelligent, strategic, clearly a motivator and above all a true S-disturber. I spent quite a bit of time reading threads in Eta just to see what type of stuff he was trying to stir up. Most of his pointed and sometimes taunting comments got the reaction he wanted and in turn spiced up the forums. I started poking around the other worlds threads and noticed he was talking the same S there too. In worlds he wasn't even playing in. In one of those threads he even admitted his intentions, took a swipe at someone in game and left what he knew would be a steaming mess behind. He was a mod too(boooo).

Anyway, he had a bird, snake, dusty skate board and a busted ankle. Some people might say good riddance, but the fires he set in these threads will burn brightly in his absence and I will miss that.

That hobbled S-talker was Tyler Boyd, Founder of "THE UNION" and lover of birds. (weird)


Hated by most, feared by many, liked by few...Whatever our opinions of him might be, he always brought entertainment to the forum world when most were silent. He will definitely be missed, I grew to know him thanks to the forum system and in a private in-game response(Back when I was worried about bringing unneccesarry attention to myself/alliance) to some back and forth he was having with another forum user, I grew to appreciate his knowledge,experience and style. He was made to seem more of a monster on the forums than he ever was in private and it was always for a point, either to entertain us or to demoralize his enemy(As any alliance leader knows once you lose the morale inside an alliance it usually comes to an end). Wish you the best in your new adventures in real life and hope it brings you more joy than the joy you had when taking the cities of your enemies. You will be missed friend...


This game will never be the same.... you truly taught me what it takes to play this game well...... happy Hunting my friend!


I never met him in the game - Prolly a good thing hahaha

This game will never be the same.... you truly taught me what it takes to play this game well...... happy Hunting my friend!
Greetings: I Just joined the forum to have a look around.. Sorry to hear I have lost another objective on my list of things to prepare for.. I'm glad you knew him Ed. Gonna have to pick your brain on that brother..

I have no idea why he is gone or what happened.. but, I will leave you all with this:

The way to judge a man is you look into his soul.. and to do that you have to take into account what was known of him through the eyes of others.. and left behind in his absence.. This young man achieved quite a bit in the game.. and not just with stats.. Whatever the reason, his mark is still here.. an example for leaders to follow. I can say the same of a few in my own alliance.. and they too will be missed.



TB was a newb when he wrote his first post in eta. He has managed to do something in half a year that I haven't done in 2 years. Although he has his 065 criticsmost of us are proud to have known such a player who did not only succeed in eta but succeeded in making his name be known. He has been called many things on these forums but he truly is if not the greatest but one of the greats of Grepolis. His name will forever be spoken of not just in Eta but the US Forums forever. He in many's opinion is the greatest Leader Eta as ever seen and in my eyes can be up there with the greats like Mabozir of Grepohugs.