Not Getting Gold


  • World: Oropos
  • In Game Name: The Lone Star
  • Have check the known bugs list: Yes
  • Have you cleared your cache and cookies: Yes
  • Have you tried a diffrent computer/laptop/tablelet/phone: Yes
  • Have you tried a diffrent connection: No
  • Full Version or Mobile Version: Full
  • Browser and Version: Chrome. The newest one
  • Overview of the bug: I invited a friend to play the game, and it says that once your friend gets over 3000 points, you will get 200 gold. He is almost to 3100 points, and I still have not received any gold yet. It shows the correct points when looking at his city and in the rankings, however the tab to look at your invited friends has him at 2998 points
  • How often this occurs:
  • Work Around: