NorthWestShield wins Epsilon


I don't know I got a nice image with my name on it saying I won. Didnt see your name on it. Also arent you an outsider now? oh wait only this account is right? I'm sure you have others and you've been playing here all along. I find it funny that you say WE when you're not here....

And that is yet another reason why I stopped playing.


I personally stopped three wonders here, including two wonders that where already built. I am not saying I did a ridiculous amount, but I would say that me stopping those wonders was much harder then when you guys had one full alliance with a full sized academy feeding and built up to the four wonder mark. I don't normally like to trash talk but this thread was built for trash talking. I did not cast the first trash talking stone, nor do I expect to throw the last however I did want to throw one in general, and that stone is just that while I was mad that I did not get the four here, I did get a crown and in the end I think the crown is way better anyway. Maybe in another world you will get a crown, all good things come to those who wait especially if you try really hard. So I hope you do well in your next world and I wish you the best there.