No premades?

Actually I know at least 7 premades that are communicating in Skype at the moment.

3 of them are joining Southeast
2 of them Northwest
1 of them is joining southwest(the best one I think)
1 of them is founder chooses random direction and will send link to invited players.

Joseph Nieves

Idk I thought most premades were joining the speed 4 revolt on the EN that I knew of. 7 premades would be interesting though.

Oliver Clothesoff

Yes.. because only a noob needs moral..

or wait.. is it the noob that needs to only attack players much smaller than themselves.. i cant remember.


I don' t know as the us server ages and more players become experienced folks might just stick to what and who they know. I know jumping from en to us was a very different style of play here. spying and double agents were like a plague on the us server. compared to the en server. Should be interesting.

I Now only look forward to the day I am old and retired and I can sit in my man room away from the wife with 6 screens running the alliance. Until then it is way to time consuming so leading is over for me. killing stuff is now more my past time. Let the young blood run things I will just build and smash. Lets have fun in this world