Nicaea Chronicles Issue Two


Nicaea Chronicles
October 29, 2016​
Issue Two​

Table of Content:
  • Top 12 Or Swim With Analysis
  • Wars
  • Tavern Rumours

Top 12 Sink or Swim With Analysis

Rank: 1
Alliance Name:Tommorow’s Lunch Special
Points: 1,360,427
Attackers Rank: 3
Defenders Rank: 5
Verdict: Swim. Mostly located in O45 with some cities across the other core oceans, this alliance has a high average with a pretty good Attacker/Defender ranking. This alliance will go far in the world

Rank: 2
Alliance Name: Triad
Points: 1,249,849
Attackers Rank: 21
Defenders Rank: 36
Verdict~Swim. Located in the eastern core oceans, this alliance seem to have pretty high averages, however they seem to have low Attackers and Defenders; they are probably a new alliance. Intel has told me that they are players from Spartan Elite and other players from other worlds. This alliance is an alliance to watch out for.

Rank: 3
Alliance Name: Caliber
Points: 1,247,602
Attackers Rank: 2
Defenders Rank:1
Verdict~Swim. This is a up and coming alliance. Located in mostly O44 with a few cities in bordering oceans, this alliance is an alliance to watch for. It's Attacker/Defender stats tells us that it is very aggressive and don't like losing cities. This alliance will go far into the world.

Rank: 4
Alliance Name: Relentless
Attackers Rank:1
Defenders Rank:2
Verdict~Float. Located in mostly O54, it has a pretty good average and superb Attackers and Defenders Rank at the moment. I say float as this alliance can go in either direction. If they get it together, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Intel has said that quite a few members have flocked to TLS, Caliber, and other alliances.

Rank: 5
Alliance Name: Puppymonkeybaby
Points: 862,430
Attackers Rank: 6
Defenders Rank: 3
Verdict~Sink. Currently in a one sided war with Caliber.

Rank: 6
Alliance Name: Tomorrows Lunch Special.
Points: 803,005
Attackers Rank: 7
Defenders Rank: 5
Verdict~See Tomorrows Lunch Special

Rank: 7
Alliance Name: Bobbys BBQ
Points: 667,171
Attackers Rank: 8
Defenders Rank: 15
Verdict~Swim. Located in the southern core oceans, this alliance is a dark horse alliance. It’s Attacker Rank is pretty good and the low Defender Rank tells us that this alliance doesn’t get attacked much.

Alliance Name: R3LENTLESS
Points: 525,732
Attackers Rank: 5
Defenders Rank: 4
Verdict~See Relentless for verdict

Alliance Name: JR the Sad Reporter
Points: 523,709
Attackers Rank: 10
Defenders Rank: 12
Verdict~Float. Not much is known about this alliance.

Alliance Name: Wonders
Points: 364,057
Attackers Rank: 13
Defenders Rank: 9
Verdict~Sink. This alliance is being conquered left and right by several different alliances.

Alliance Name: Spartan Elite
Points: 339,846
Attackers Rank: 4
Defenders Rank:6
Verdict~Sink. This alliance has been slowly drifting downwards in the rankings

Alliance Name: New World Order
Points: 339,300
Attackers Rank: 12
Defenders Rank: 16
Verdict~Sink. In a one sided war with TLS


This will be a new section to the newspaper. In this section, I will give the war stats.

Tomorrow’s Lunch Special-Bobbys BBQ
Triad vs Sparta Elite
Relentless vs Tomorrow’s Lunch Special
JR the Sad Reporter vs F.E.A.R
B.B.O.D vs Wonders
Deimos’ vsR3LENTLESS

Tavern Rumours

Welcome to the Tavern Rumors, where everyone drinks, parties, and spread rumours. Around. Some rumours are true, some are false. It’s up to you to decide whether they are true or not.

  • Grepolis Care Bears and 2 Men a Truck merged and formed Deimos’
  • Appraxiadaddy and his crew are in the world.
  • Triad is not the Triad from the EN Server.
  • Triad has a pact with Caliber

That’s all folks see ya next week!


Wonders lost a lot of players and points to TLS. looks like TLS are picking up the scraps of whatever gets left from dead alliances


Nice work scipio, much better as there's more to talk about courtesy of the information you've put into the paper.

My only qualm is the lack of imagery, but that's not exactly your fault. This forum is temperamental with images anyway so it's better off without them.

So yeah, good work.


JR the Sad Reporter, how do you not know them? AD is the leader :)


Night Warriors ceased to exist with some members going to Triad


Lol the cream of the crop of Night Warriors, Spartan Elite, Templar Knights and I believe Kittens of Doom have joined together. This newspaper needs a little more thought put into it and knowledge of Nicaea.. Kudos for the effort nonetheless.


Rank 9 is ADs alliance, if he is going to play serious here they are the biggest threat to the world. in a true ranking to top 10 i would put them at 1. Caliber being a steady uncontested second. 3rd and 4th tied between Triad and my alliance, both solid groups. Demi out in 54 with my boy sloth probably 5th if not tied with Booby BBQ / Triad.


I appreciate the effort here. Nice job. BUT, how do you not know an AD alliance?! I'm not just saying that because I'm in it.

Elw0od is modest. In his rankings, which I think are more accurate, I would put Bobby's BBQ above Caliber, but I do admit I'm partial to Bobby and BBQ and the Blues Bros.


I would rate Bobbys BBQ quite high, some very good talent, seasoned vets in that roster


Probably just someone who left Hydra and made their own alliance. They're right though, HYDRA SUX.


can honestly say i've never ventured down the list far enough to even see that alliance HYDRA SUX. Sounds like a former disgruntled employee(s)


They probably are but I share an ocean with some Hydra members and they really do suck.


Ironically they also suck.

66 members with a 1.3k points average, open to any players who put the effort into getting 175pts (that's an elitist little number right there amirite?) and an alliance profile that screams "I'm only using this name cos I'm butthurt".

Basically, both alliances suck and both will fall flat on their faces.


When is Issue Three coming out? Can't wait for more news.


I think he said it'd be coming out this weekend, so should be fairly soon.