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Issue 1: 11/3
Looks like we have 3 premade alliances before the world starts. Gravitational Pull founded by King David II, Heroes of Olympus founded by myself (Figtree2), and Contract Killers founded by persie15. It does not mean that everyone will keep their words and found the alliances they said they would. Now you should meet those three premades before the world starts. First is Gravitational Pull and here is what King David II has said:
This is an alliance for pros. If you are new to the game, this is not the alliance for you.
We are here to win, and won't quit until we do. We are here to dominate whatever ocean we encounter.
Next is Heroes of Olympus and what I said: With experienced leadership and operatives as well as new players democracy will blossom in a alliance that is not savage beasts or pacifists but people who take action when necessary. I myself have played for a good time and can answer questions about many things for people who are new and have no idea how to play. I hope you have a great time! Last but not least is Contract Killers and what persie15 has said: Guys,

My name is Persie15, in real life Rick, 18 years old, Dutch and living in Holland.
I've got a lot of experience with the game and now I'm here to watch how the US server is doing.
Now I played only at Upsilon (world 21) here, and I'm going to start in Phi.

My plan is to start a really, tiny alliance with 4 to 5 players who know the game and have the possibility to grow pretty fast.
What you need to be:
- Active, extreme active, like 10 to 12 hours in a day you've the possibility to check Grepolis, I mean not being online that time but just you can be contacted over the whole day.
- Experienced, we're extremely elite what means we've to be knowing the game to survive. It'll be hard.
- Social, reading the forum always when you login and repeat at every sort of forum.
- Responsible, everyone get founder rights because we're all even important to the alliance. And we're going to play a long long time on this world and I don't like that people just quit.

If you're interested, please place something what's motivating me and I'll contact you when I'm interested.
Tell something about you're experience, what kind of player you're are, etc..

Now you have heard from the 3 premade alliance and I wish you all luck on the Phi battlegrounds tomorrow.


This just in!

MeeBo arrives in Phi world. He's a new Greek, but long time gamer. If you need an active member in your alliance, this guy is for you. Reports say he is not adverse to conflict whether it be in the forum or on the battlefield. Reports also state that Meebo got his feet wet in Sigma world. Unfortunately he is under beginner's protection in both worlds so his mettle is untested. ;)

Sigma account deleted. I may try us5 to get some exp on strategies.
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