New Mobile App Update - Nov 2022 Feedback Thread

Meg TheBeagle

I installed the new app when a promise of a super-duper gift was waiting for me. I'm a sucker

I get the opening Grepo screen but it just hangs - no menu - no response to my manic touching of the phone.

Have un/reinstalled a few time already


Buggy and the UI is not what I was expecting. The new app forces me to use my phone in landscape, not the best user exp. It doesn't seem very mobile-friendly to me atm on top of performance issues.


Thank you for your feedback on the app!
For any technical issues please contact our support staff as well so we can assist.


Senior Citizen
better than the web version was on my phone, but fat fingers is gonna be very frustrating (everything way too small) or I'll need a new phone with a bigger screen. its a step in the right direction if i can actually participate in events and i'll give you props for trying but going to take a lot of getting used to


this new app sucks for people with smaller phones. Very hard to use especially being forced to use landscape. Honestly I prefer the old app and this one may force me to quit the game. Bad move Grepo not alot of thought went into it.