New Game Mode: Domination Feedback Thread


Hey folks!
Feel free to discuss everything about the new game mode: Domination!
Let us know what you think, any bugs that show up, feedback, etc :)


Few of us join together starting about 3 hours from now. (18:00 beta server time)
If you are looking for company, shoot me a message!


I agree with the nut.

I understand that the goal is to keep the cities concentrated to the cities to keep a group from going off in a corner and simming to the crown. But the current implementation encourages the more experienced players to attack smaller, possibly newer players which won't help grow the player base long term.

Maybe change the island allocation to open a new general island when one is opened for new players, or split new islands to be half cities under bp, and the other half open to colonization. So, as the number of new player slows, or there are open anchors, it would push competition.


Domination requires 'farming islands' to play, but when hammers rarely open, makes it hard to complete that part of the game. Also forces peoples hands to make multiple accounts or invite their friends to the world just so they can get another city on a farming island. This is not the first world this has been an issue in though, its been going on for a few worlds that I have noticed. If they are opening by the amount of players in the actual world, then that needs to be re-evaluated, because there are less and less players joining every world, but there are still people trying to grow!


So just finished Domination in Mochlos, we immediately went into Domination countdown because one group had enough cities. It is a shame half the players in the world clicked Vacation Mode more than a month ago, they did not even give their groups a chance to try for it....although again that would have been hard to do with lack of hammers on farming islands to found on this whole time. The founding hammers should probably be looked at to see if more should be opened up than normal. And maybe the Vacation Mode should be looked at. I actually felt rather bad for players that stuck it out when their own alliances bailed on them and left them there alone. Got to give those who did stick it out props for doing it, I know it probably sucked.

As for the 14 day countdown for the world to end, not sure that it is really needed to be that long. Would be different if you were still able to take ghosts if you wanted to up your point total and spot on the player list the last two weeks, but if you cannot do anything other than found cities, not really necessary, in my opinion.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season, stay safe!


I like the founding rule. Worlds probably would never end if players could endlessly found whenever one group got close to closing out


In the beta domination world that I played, the top alliance had a rotation system for their top 12-15 players to get more BPs and culture points. The 1st player would leave their alliance stuffed with troops for alliance members to kill, then they would return and the next player would leave. Rinse and repeat.

It is pretty easy to see which alliance players are doing this. This will become more and more common with the domination end game, where number of cities determines the winner.

I wish Grepo devs could provide some penalty for doing this. They have already implemented an 80% BP penalty for killing own alliance troops and 0 BPs for killing one’s own troops. So, artificially getting more BPs to get more cities must be recognized as an issue.


Founding - I agree with Zephyr that there should be more options to found on farming islands. It can be kept small, but nonexistent didn't work so great

VM - Only having the alliance in domination cities vulnerable in VM (and on DOM islands) was a disappointment. If an enemy alliance hit's VM (in a contested world) it becomes an even larger waiting game if you don't already have the point minimum to hit the DOM button.

Morale - I generally don't have an issue with Morale but should really be looked at in DOM worlds (and others). Morale needs to be less of a factor if active in DOM worlds where cities and points are much more relevant. If you can't found on DOM islands due to no hammers, can't hit players due to VM, and will pay dearly for hitting small fry's then did we get what we hoped for out of the Domination endgame?

No Pacts - Particularly in DOM. I still think this is the way to go but no more of the 35/40 player caps. Nobody sticks to them but we wish we would. I think that 75 works well and while may still feel "too big" the smaller alliance caps have only further encouraged multiple branches.

DOM was just ok but selfishly enjoyed by me compared to wonders as i was not setting alarms all night for 10 - 14 days. I don't think the dev's achieved what they had hoped to but i appreciate Inno making an effort to improve the player experience with a new game type. I can expand on the other challenges of this world, but they are not specific to Domination, they are what players are experiencing across the community. Those issues are being discussed in other threads and what really need fixing much more then the endgame.