New Farming Villages Guide

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New Farming Village Guide

Hello! It’s me again, your good ol Scipio! Today I would like to talk about the new farming village system that has already been implemented on the Beta Server. If you are interested in trying it out, just go there and try it out.

So What does it look like:


There are a few things you probably noticed from the picture above:

  • There are three tabs: Resources, Units, and Trade
  • In order to level up the farming village, you have to use BP(See the rectangular box thing on the left?)
  • There’s a cooldown period after you click on the “upgrade” button; You can’t demand resources when the upgrade is in process.

There are 4 different ways of collecting resources:
  • 5 Minute
  • 20 Minute
  • 90 Minute
  • 240 Minute

You might be thinking to yourself, Wait a minute...isn’t that the same thing as the old version? Technically, yes, but there are limits to it.


As you can see from the picture above, you must meet the warehouse requirement in order to unlock the other ways of collecting resources.
  • For the 5 minute one, it’s given to you
  • For the 20 minute one, Level 5 warehouse is required
  • For the 90 minute one, Level 7 is required
  • For the 240 minute one, Level 10 is required

So some people have asked the following question:
I heard the other thing called the “Bandits’ Camp” What does that do?

So, the bandits’ camp is a spot on your island where the bandits live.


The Swords button is where they are on the map. There’s only one per island.

Now let’s open the “Bandits camp”


Inside you’ll see who the bandits are and it’ll tell you what you’ll get if you defeat the bandits.
Some of the rewards I’ve gotten so far:

  • Resources
  • Favor
  • Units

But sometimes, you get this:

I hope you enjoyed this guide because it’s still in it’s Beta Stages and it’s probably going to change as time goes on.
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My farming production went up by 500% at one point. Was great.


That's nice haha. I still don't like it though. I think it will also confuse the hell out of a lot of new players. Just more info for them to learn.