New colonize only world


Many people like myself want to play on a faster world, but don't want to lose a city while we're at work or sleeping. Although I have a life, it sucks not seeing much progress being made because the world is so slow.

World speed 4
Unit speed 3 or 4
Colonize only


Have you heard about the brand new casual world type? You might like the concept. ;)

In the casual worlds players will have one of their cities protected from conquest. This provides the peace of mind of not losing everything while also giving the actual Grepolis experience of conquering other cities and battling for territory. Every player who wishes to have a less stressful game experience can join a casual world. The other important aspect of the casual worlds is that players that are conquered on other worlds will receive an offer to transfer their last town to a casual world.

Attack prevention

On casual worlds players cannot attack other players when there is more than 20% difference in points between them. This improves the experience of smaller players as they can only be attacked by players that have the same range of strength.
Example: If player has 1000 points, he cannot attack a player who has less then 800 points. He also cannot attack a player who has more than 1200 points.

(Grepolis WIKI)

Hopefully it will be introduced on live markets soon, the first Beta Sandbox 12 (test) world just launched.