Negative Luck

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I do not know if this is a BUG in the system or Just plain bad luck, but here it goes anyway. You be the judge...

Opinions welcome from all your respective alliances...

I attacked a player recently had experienced a -24% luck...You say big what...

I spied of this player before hand and he is an inactive player in my own alliance.

I did the battlefield simulation and Activated the COMMANDER well before hand....

My simulation went VERY well so I attacked and lost everything...

Ok, I then talked to my alliance colleagues and many of them are experiencing the exact same thing.

Tons of our players are experiencing NEGATIVE luck.....NOT one has had a GOOD battle field luck...

SO the question of the day...How is your alliance doing for battlefield LUCK?


it swing both ways.. sometime u can just be unlucky in a periode.. but usally if u put a spell on ur attack.. luck seems "okay".. i had both -30% and +30%..


the luck is bad on this world 52 attacks including farming attacks, 45 had negative luck ,,, now that is really unlucky or boy the luck stinks on this world


75 farming attacks and 36 had bad luck. You got unlucky. The system's fine, stop complaining.


I found I almost always get positive luck when I use Helmet.


I know there is nothing to back this statement... but I think luck should be changed to plus or minus 15%... some people for some reason always have bad luck... naturally the people that have traditionally good luck will disagree... but anything over -15 is really devastating to get when its your average...

what I have noticed also is that a lot of times bad luck seems to come when you need it the least...

even if this is only perception... imho it is enough to make it worth changing...

just my .02 disagree (or agree) if you want, everyone is entitled their opinion


i always get awsome good luck, when there is nothing there :p so hitting notthing with 25-30% luck ;)