NAP time


So, a NAP is an agreement not to attack another alliance... And it lasts until you attack that alliance or they attack you :p Would it make it more honorable if we said "NAP is off" and then attacked one minute later? I don't think so. The only real way to have allies in this game is to make a good pact and share your forums so that you can help each other on real offense/defense.

That's my 2 cents for everyone who is questioning the decision TAP made to attack MASSACRE.

Kuro Okami

It's an unspoken rule I assume as most alliances are MRA at the start then they become a real alliance but they have to go through having 20 pacts then getting rid of the right ones (if they are still alive) or they would have been prepared at the beginning with the required pact alliances.


Just read this thread... TAP (i will never call you (un)(abs)(nec)(etc) evil... sorry guys, you are forever Tap, Tap.., Tap..., etc too many of you now to figure out how many brother/sister/cousin once removed alliances you got) has the most NAP's on the server ;P lol


Tap sucks a big one, is charality seriously asking for naps in the externals, sigh. I'm bored in sigma someone argue with me (or attack me) before I make a top 12 and make people argue with me (and maybe attack me hint hint)

Also can unknown and friends just ghost instead of turtleling, this is taking forever?


Looks like TAP finally dropped chirality, looks like they realized what a simmer she was. Thing is I'm gonna need someone to insult here and kuru okami or whatever won't cut it. Elect a new forum warrior and send him/her into the arena please. Thanks