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Well, it finally happened. Bumped RS ahead because TU is making drastic cuts. My fault, I am just fed up with the ones who choose not to contribute. A few more to come too. Anyway, I am not concerned about losing top spot, I just want RS to keep it warm for us, if they'd be so kind.

Anyway, my main goal for this thread is to see what people thought about Not Alone joining up with Rising Shadows. Could get some pretty heated discussion, so of coarse!

My thoughts: well, for one, I find it makes former Not Alone players look very weak. They challenged The Union and boasted like crazy. We took them up, took over more than ten cities (don't know the number), and they learned they couldn't support each other like a real alliance and left. I think this then in turn makes RS look bad (at least in my view), but it also will help them in a future war (that seems to be starting now! the spies are coming!). all, smart move, but the way it makes you and your alliances look (mainly Not Alone players), is not so good.

I would also like to point out another opinion of mine, but don't hate on it too much lol. BayouBrit proved that she could not effectively run an alliance. Now, she has founder status in Rising Shadows? Ugh guys...I know you needed to please her to complete the merge (I once tried to get her in TU and her demands were crazy), but that is a questionable decision.


Rising Shadows could not be happier with the decisions we have made together. Not alone is a great addition to the Shadow Family and while I will not discuss terms of the merger- I believe I can speak for both parties that we have united into the alliance that we should be.