More bugs than just BP...


Q: Why do Harpies and Medusa do not show up for defense in the simulator?

A: There are two divine units + envoys for each god. Two boxes on bottom left: 1st box for attacking player god and 2nd box for defending player god. Pick Hera in the defensive god box and Harpies and Medusa will show up on the defensive row.

Now you can run it through the simulator.

one Medusa is as good for defense as 26 Hoplites at a minimum. I just ran it in the simulator and here are the numbers:

1 Medusa attacking 18 hoplites: losses 18 hops
1 Medusa attacking 28 hoplites: losses 28 hops, 1 medusa
x Hoplites attacking 1 Medusa: ???

could not get the simulator to work (medusa dies even against 1 hop)

The simulator does not work correctly for Medusa when you put Hera in as the defending God. It appears to be broken!

I will report this as a bug and see what we get for a response.



Seems to be working ok to me.



I just put in 15 hops vs 1 medusa and she survived, with no wall. You get something different?