Yeah they've been posting conflicting information for the last several worlds. It goes hand-in-hand with the haphazard way the US servers have been managed for a long time. The US servers don't generate very many players any more because two dozen players like to spend exorbitant amounts of money on gold and the game loses any sense of strategy and skill and simply comes down to spending the most money to keep up.

The game has seriously gone down hill and that is evident by the lack of players. Where are they? You're bleeding customers and instead of listening and dialing back on the gold throttle, you keep introducing new ways to reward high spending with things that leave the world off-balance. Cities that were taken 5 hours ago ready to revolt cities off island in those 5 hours! Rebuilding full population nukes with 6 hours! Rebuilding myth flyer nukes in 12 hours! Over and over and over. The game is awful. I blame Ryvirath, because he's presided over it's decline.

Dude - you've killed the server - what are you going to do to revive it? How about a world where gold plays 50% less of a role. Otherwise Itunes needs to re-list your app from Strategy Game to Shopping.


AMEN to all of the above. I'm actually not a golder but finish near the top of the rankings. I have to dedicate literally 16 to 20 hours a day just to keep up. Strategy like BP ratios and even then when someone golds the same land nuke and cats up 10 times, I just stash bir and know they'll never land a colony ship on me with the recall snipe every time.

but not everyone is capable of that. So new players join.. those same golders you're talking about WON'T come at guys like me and instead find the nicest big brown noob city they can find and these new players first experience outside of beginner protection? is the city they spent 5 days on (that they were advised to get resource camps to 25 on before CS capable, come ON tutorial!!) getting taken before they even know how the battle system works at all.

repeated, over and over for years. the .us servers are dead. and socrates above is right, it also IS in part to supergroups as well. I've recently left one of those supergroups and will not be playing with any "pre-made" of a bunch of people AFRAID that if they don't join the #1 group they will get rimmed or something. So you end up with fear dictating 2 opposing, or sometimes ONE like in abdera, camps/factions of people. ONE WAR and then the world's effectively over. Can you even imagine if a lot of these new players had to join one of the old worlds like us14 nu or us18 rho where we were in 10 diff oceans and there were 20 alliances and NO CERTAINTY of success if you join one group. Now, I'm serious about the core 4 oceans barely being populated and then prior to the newest changes.. WW's dragging on foreverrrr were undoable so they have changed them and now people can manipulate those too.

So the game went from a few years, large, to 4 oceans .. a few months to a year TOPS .. and the same 100 people OVER AND OVER AND OVER. The gold exchange switch up was a move in the right direction but too little too late because everyone except the most addicted 100 people have already quit a long time ago. A gold cool-down button or some way to make it not an infinite part of the game that you can buy literally anything but time with (and if you buy improved movements from an event then you can buy that too then) .. oh and EVENTS why don't we have 3 weeks of events that reward gold use every month? Literally HALF of the time is an event now. It used to take a month to make a manti nuke. Now, 8 hours if your Democritus doubles it. Some of the Erinyses tokens are almost 2,000 population by themselves and it's impossible to even fit them all in one city if they double.

Gold reigns. Skill is still better than gold but tell me WHO is going to stick around the 7 years like I have to be good enough to negate limitless money? No one, that is who, and thus this game is dead.

I know EVERYBODY says that they are quitting every world. It's an inside joke with Grepolis. This is different though. I am just going thru the motions. It feels more like a job to me than anything anymore. This is no longer fun. Same faces, same places. It's just monotonous and I'm a little ashamed at my own creativity that I've let myself stagnate playing this game for so long.

I've burned every bridge I have in the game, you know all like 2 of them, and am literally still just here out of habit and for lack of a better idea at the moment. I know ONE THING I will not do.. and that's buy any gold lol. Why? Even if I could afford it, and 20 bucks worth of gold goes a long way for me.. it's just a taste of something and a way of experiencing the game that I'll never truly get to do.

Meanwhile lazy but rich people can get on 2 hours a day and outpace me farming every 40 minutes with 100 cities 16 hours a day. I AM A SUCKER dude but if you look at Mochlos, I did finally prove that SKILL > GOLD cuz I finished #1 in points and BP with pretty much advisors only and market gold.

I have nothing left to prove. Might try to get 500k BP while staying under 5k in size.