Molten Scourge vs Grep reapers


In case anyone was confused, GR is a poor alliance trying to be an elite alliance, yet they have a nooby academy as you all can now see. We have broken through the disguise once and for all! GR is nothing more than a normal 100 player large like most of the rest of us. They just like to make sure their smaller players know they are second class players. ;)


Amir I'll accept the fact that GR was not ready for this war, but the academy is no ploy to make people thing they are worse than the main alliance. After we got in the war we noticed that half our so called "good" players did not even know how to properly report a CS attempt even after bend had provided a proper template for them to copy paste. They didnt know how to snipe either, they were mainly trained in offence and suddenly being put on defense put them off completely. After most of them VM'ed or quit, we started sniping your CS attempts much better, but noticed we just couldnt hold any of our CS attempts because of lack of resources. You'll completely beat us in resources due to a higher player count. We needed more players as well, and most of Hammer's team that bend merged with was afraid of spies, so it was decided to speak with some of the smaller alliances if they were interested in joining a academy alliance for a while, and as soon as we can trust them we would shift them to the main alliance.

Although I am not a fan of the concept of an academy, and I did question it when it was created. I understand that we need more resources and if this is the only way around the spy problem I'm ready to go along with it
At this point, it might be game and point for GR. The resistance is a good fight, but even with an academy, you won't muster enough power to directly combat MS. TVM has proven over time that it can take cities, but isn't exactly the finisher or heavy hitter that it should be. Especially when their heavy hitters are starting to ditch them or quit the game in general. THC is a good alliance but is caught in a war with CN/TVM.

I think that GR is kind of done given their remaining active players, though their desire to continue is commendable.


haha srachit, you know I was just poking fun and trying to bring some fire back to these forums! I was disappointed by some of the players going into VM. Some of your big guns have even hit chicken mode (no offense is meant again just poking fun) which has brought down the ability of your alliance to fight well. It really is obvious that you need more members but I feel you could be more effective with your current core group fighting us then adding some less than stellar players to your alliance.

total score:
34-2 (soon to be a little higher)


Hey Srachit :). Glad to see your still around mate and glad you have embraced the war. I knew you were one of the good ones. I agree about academies btw, yuck. Glad to see I taught you well.


GR is starting to take some cities, looks like we may have a real war now that all of the players that are in decent striking distance of our alliance are in VM. Nice little trick, but a little underhanded if I may say so my self. It sure keeps us from being able to launch as many assaults as we could.

Kudos to curt for being the first player to take a city from me. Well done and nicely executed.

Edit: we where able to break the siege but still a very nice attempt at the city and very well executed although I am not sure the came away with many cities if any on their father's day operation.
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